Offline Marketing Tips - 3 Strategies For Becoming a Local Internet Marketing Veteran

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Providing services to businesses in your local area can be a very good income stream to add to your business because not only is it very profitable but there is also a big demand for these types of services too.

Below are 3 strategies for becoming the Internet Marketing expert in your local area.

Business Cards

Business cards are still very effective so make sure that you always carry your business cards with you advertising your offline marketing services.

If you`re serious about creating an extra income stream working with offline businesses then you need to start handing your business cards around so that people know what you do.

You can get professional business cards made up for as little as $15 - $30 online.

Offer a wide range of Services

If you`re only offering 1 type of service then you are severely limiting yourself to the amount of money that you can make. A great way to get yourself offline clients is offering basic website builds and then afterwards you can offer them additional services such as facebook pages, SEO, social media, list building, shopping cart set ups and even 1 on 1 consultations.


This seems quite a basic one and often overlooked but it is a great way to pick a lot of new business. You simply get talking to local businesses and companies and friends and family and let everybody know what you do.

The more people know what you do the more chance you have of somebody recommending you. The best type of lead you can get is when someone else recommends you, these nearly always convert into paying customers.

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