Article Marketing Tips - 3 Supreme Tips to Extract Maximum Profits From Article Marketing

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Article marketing is a popular marketing tool favoured by many people. This is the modern equivalent of magazine and newspaper writing in the past. Both media still exist, but one cannot deny that World Wide Web has taken over media world by storm. Article marketing must ideally generate a large number of followers and amazing web traffic. Here are tips to create major profit from article promotion:

1. The title is the most important element of every article. Titles that are catchy and interesting generate more audience than dull and boring ones. Optimise your title with keywords for a good search engine placement. But do not mislead your readers, make sure that your titles are relevant and that your articles can deliver what the title promised.

2. Generate traffic to your own page to increase the number of your mailing list. Stop directing traffic to sales letters and product websites. This might help generate a sale, but one sale is nothing compared to the multiple sales that you get when you build your mailing list. Encourage traffic to share general information, especially their email address for future marketing efforts.

3. It has always about quantity vs. quality - but this time, you need to have both. An article marketer generates a number of articles first before they can see positive results. Do not stop at one article; keep writing on a regular basis. When you have earned your reader's trust, they will begin to see you as the expert in your niche. But this is not achieved overnight. Articles should prove themselves worthy first. Quality must never be compromised.

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