Article Traffic Secrets - 3 Little-Known Tips For Generating Staggering Amounts of Traffic

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When used correctly, article marketing can help your company generate more traffic to your website. Online businesses are all about web traffic, the more web traffic, the better. To compare it with live business, store owners would want their stores to be well-visited and highly visible to their customers. Of course, in the virtual world where information is such a commodity, you lure in your customers by providing useful information. Here are ideas on how to generate loads of traffic by article writing:

1. Try using negative titles with positive content. To stand out in a directory list, you might want to go the other way with your title. Imagine scanning the list of articles that talks about earning money, you will see a lot of hot tips or secrets to or how to - but if you want your article to be different, you can give it a title like "Ten Sure Ways to Losing Money". This would likely get more attention. But of course, the content should be in a positive note.

2. Use relevant keywords to help your page ranking. There are cases though that you feel cheated and manipulated by certain websites because of misleading keywords. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your site.

3. Never sacrifice quality. Most often than not, marketers hire ghost-writers to write for them, but sometimes they look for the cheapest service available without any thought on quality. Never submit unclean, half-baked stuff. Always proofread your articles, whether you have personally written them or have subcontracted for another writer to do it for you. Nothing gets published until proofread manually.

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