5 Bandwidth Bulging Free Traffic Methods that You Should Be Using

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When it comes to marketing on the Internet one of the most components which makes up a successful business is traffic. Without traffic you`re not going to get anywhere fast. Below are 5 very powerful free traffic methods that you can start using from today to drive massive traffic back to your website.

Blog Comments

Blog comments are a lot more powerful than most people think because if someone takes the time to comment on a blog relevant to your niche then it means they are very passionate about the topic which means a lazer targeted prospect. By leaving just 3 quality blog comments per day equals to 150 per month. Using this strategy you will soon start to see plenty of free traffic back to your website.


Videos are very powerful when it comes to generating lots of free traffic and should certainly be part of your overall traffic strategy. If you want to go one stage further then you could use a video distribution tool where your videos get shared among lots of other video sites. Always include a water mark within your video so that you can still generate traffic to your website if the video site doesn`t allow clickable links within the video descriptions.


Articles should certainly be part of your overall traffic plan. They still work very well regardless of what some people may say so make sure you set aside a couple of hours each day to write a few quality articles. The key with making the most from your article traffic is to send it all back to a squeeze page and not direct to a sales page.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is not only powerful for generating lazer targeted traffic but it is also a great strategy for gaining some super relevant back links. You could easily create 1 guest post per week and send all the traffic back to your squeeze page to build your list. Your guest posts need to be at least 1000 words of high quality content otherwise there is little chance it will be accepted.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are very powerful and can drive thousands of targeted visitors to any web page within hours. It is paid traffic but one of the most effective paid traffic sources in terms of how fast you can set a campaign up and start seeing results. The most important thing about solo ads is make sure that the solo ads you buy are proven to work and send quality traffic and buyers.

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