Generating Domain Name Ideas

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Generating domain name ideas based on the keywords you have been using.

There are software tools out there that will run through your lists of keywords and check for available domains in ways that will almost certainly help you find them before anyone else.

Domain Samurai is a particularly good option and it is free, allowing you to easily review what options are available and buy those domain names before they are all taken. Here's the link:

The goal in choosing a domain is to ensure it is:
  • Short
  • DotCom
  • Keyworded

The domain name should be less than 20 characters if possible, a dotcom if at all possible and include at least one variation of your main keyword.

This is where the leveraged launch strategy makes your life so much easier. Because you are creating sites based on products that have yet to launch, you can choose a domain name that to go with it.

If someone creates a product called "100k a Day" you can safely assume that no one has purchased in the past. Why would they when there was nothing to review?

There will be instances, however, when the domains you want are not available. This might happen when reviewing a physical product or when trying to get into a really big launch that has a lot of competition.

If this is the case, here are a few tips for how to handle these situations:

Tweak the Order - Move the order of the words around and you have a new domain. PinterestDominationReview can easily be changed into ReviewPinterestDomination.

The same credit will be given for the keyword match, but it's a different syntax.

Adjust the Words - Change the words use. You may not be able to use "review" in your domain name, at least not with an exact match. Use a variation of the product title or change "review" to "reviewed" or "bonus" or "revealed".

Take the "Scam" Angle - A classic strategy is to tap into the inevitable traffic for "is X a scam?" People are always looking up whether a new product is a scam. Rank highly for this and you will perform well.

Add to an Existing Site - We talk mostly about creating new sites for each launch you promote, but consider adding reviews to existing sites you have already done work on. If you have a site that you build three months ago that performed well, add your reviews to it. Using canonical URLs in WordPress, you will get much the same SEO benefit without having to bother with a new domain name.

There are a lot of tricks to get around domain availability. Be willing to make adjustments and you'll always find something that fits. I do recommend that you hold back on adding "-" to your domain or using the other extensions like dotnet and dotorg until you are absolutely sure you cannot find a better option. Those are points of authority and should be prioritized over an exact keyword match.

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