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Active research is one thing, but how do you know when something new pops up when you aren't actively looking?

You could hire someone to be on constant watch for new trends in your niche. I do that.

But, if it's not in your budget, which it won't be at first, almost certainly, there are other options.

I have a number of Google Alerts set up for keywords in my niches. If "100k Visitors Per Day" is mentioned on a top news site I get a Google Alert telling me about it. if a major game expansion is announced or a beta starts, I know within a few hours.

I want to be on top of these things and I invest huge sums of money to make sure I am.

This is the landing page for Google Alerts. You can define a few things in the alerts you receive, though I recommend if you create more than two or three of these that you setup a dedicated email box to receive them just so you don't get overwhelmed with alerts.

Your result type should be everything to start. This will ensure you get data from not only the standard organic search listings but news, blogs and videos. I personally don't care about books or discussions, but it's a package deal and there really aren't that many of those anyways.

Next is the frequency. If you are looking for new topics every day of the week, then you should set this to deliver updates daily, but I generally don't like being inundated like that. So, I set mine to weekly (I have 26 different alerts going at once for my account, however).

Finally, weed down the results. I highly recommend you DO NOT click "all results" unless it is a very long tail keyword. Highly specific keywords with long tail matches and exact syntax will not produce a lot of results.

But, if you type in "iPad announcement" and ask for all results, you're going to get some very big emails. So, keep it down to the best results only. Then, Google will filter them for you and send out only top news releases.

For this particular one there are no recent results for "iPad announcements" which is fine since we know a new iPad was just announced four months ago. However, it will be updated when a new one is announced.

I click "Create Alert" and it is added to my list for this google account. If I want to edit or remove any of the alerts I receive, I merely click on "manage your alerts":

I now see a full list of alerts that I have created to date and the options that go with each of them. You're probably asking right now what the value is of all this.

To start, you can do this with anything. So, if you know that someone has a lot of product launches every year, you can do a "best of" alert for their name. You may not know what their next big product is likely to be, but you do know what their name is and how they are likely to market it. This can pick up on those early discussions, even if you don't get the invite to the early JV program.

Another thing to consider is that as you start building a LOT of these websites, the process will become a big operation. You can't keep up with every announcement from a major electronics manufacturer for a new product. So, you can set Google alerts to look for things like "new sony tv" or "new xbox" or "ipad 4" or "iphone 5". These are things that will start popping up rapidly when they are announced (I recommend sticking to news sources only for mainstream products to minimize false results.

The opportunities are endless here but you should very much use them. Later when you are building your launch calendar, you want to know that your project manager can easily find what to work on next.

There are other methods too of course. The core idea of leveraging a major launch is being there when a new product goes out the door. The only way to do that is to be on as many JV lists as possible and to be there when someone needs new affiliates.

To start doing this, go to sites like the Warrior Forum or the Digital Point Forums and make yourself known.

Start generating sites and making sales for people and they will come to you when a new launch is about to occur.

More than even that, you should actively go out and become a member of every major network you can find. The only real way to know about these things in advance is to be on the mailing lists of the people you want to work with.

That requires careful research and an understanding of your niche that will take weeks if not months to acquire.

To connect with Internet marketers and stay on their hot list, here are a few tips. This is the path I used to ensure I was plugged in at all times. It helps too to have a virtual assistant who will track your Google Alerts and check your list subscriptions.

Create a New Email Address - You're about to signup for a LOT of mailing lists, so I recommend you create a different email address that is solely for this project. It can be checked by a VA this way too, which saves you even more time.

Visit Clickbank and Look for Top Vendors - While Clickbank doesn't publish the names of vendors, you can quickly get an idea of who is a top vendor simply by looking through the highest gravity products and searching for those who have more than one or who promote more than one.

Other Vendor Sources - Look on other popular Internet marketing hubs such as forums (Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, and Digital Point are all options), as well as other marketplaces like Digiresults and Patdotcom. Start creating a list of vendors who have launched multiple 6 figure products. You can also just ask people on a forum and you will likely get a good amount of response.
OPTION: You can hire an account manager to take care of this process for you. There are managers out there who actively pair affiliates and marketers. While their jobs are primarily related to list building, you can find some who will work for a percentage of profits or an upfront fee.

Signup for JV Lists - On each of these vendor sites, look for the JV information page. This is where the vendor provides tools and an email list for their JVs. Signup for every major vendor list you can find in your niche.

The tips I'm giving you here work best in the IM niche, but don't feel like you can't do the same thing in others like dating (especially dating!), fitness and weight loss, and others. These are all run by Internet marketers as well and they have JV lists. Another trick here is you can sign up for the actual marketing list of these vendors. They will often promote products in advance of a launch to warm up a list - you can then get a jump start on new products from vendors you haven't heard of.

Create a Google Calendar - Here's the hard part. You don't want to promote a product that has already been launched (unless it's doing a relaunch). The point of all this is to capitalize on the hot traffic during a launch and make money the easy way, through passive buyers. So, as those vendors send out messages regarding new launches, add them to your calendar and try to start building a new site 1-2 weeks before each launch that pops up.

Build Your Sites - Now the rest of the guide kicks in. It's time to build your sites.

This process is catered heavily to Internet marketing and IM related niches and topics. However, that doesn't mean it won't work for physical products, services and other launches. Amazon, for example, has an alert system that will send you emails when new products are released by companies you want to track. Put a handful of TV manufacturers into your tracker and get emails whenever a new one is about to launch.

You can also join RSS feeds for hot tech tracking sites like Engadget and CNet which cover new products well before they are launched. The goal is to get out ahead of the action - so find what people use to stay up to date in your niche and then set up a tracking system to get first alerts on new announcements.

Finally, keep yourself plugged into the hot new trends in ecommerce. If something gets hot in Google Trends, people will make products about it and they will be launching shortly thereafter. it's a very reactionary business - rarely does something new come along and grow quickly enough to generate business without people first asking what it is.

You will be there first if you plan accordingly.

Let's get started. Let me show you how I get 100,000 unique targeted visitors to my website per day and earn as much at $48,333 in just one week - click here to check it out.
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