What Is The Quality Of 7Search Traffic | Is It Good Or Junk

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How is the traffic quality of 7Search?

Is 7Search a good alternative to Google and Yahoo?
Can one make money by getting traffic from 7Search?

Well, these are some of the MOST commonly asked questions about 7search. At the end of the day, what everyone wants to know is:

“Does 7Search Traffic Work?”

The answer to the question is: It depends.

I know its clichéd but allow me to explain. I personally tried out 7search for my mlm campaign and it really didn’t work out.


Because there isn’t much traffic to play around with. When I tried loading up 1000’s of keywords, most of them never received any impressions. I called up the customer rep and they helped me out. They gave me a list of keywords that were getting decent impressions and when I used them, I started getting some traffic.

The traffic quality was crap but since it was so cheap, it didn’t matter. My page converted around 1% of traffic into leads and at the most I got 1 lead per day. Sometimes even that would not happen.

The leads weren’t clicking and opening my email, so I dropped the whole thing and switched off my campaign.

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As far as I am concerned, I don’t think 7Search is good medium for mlm, internet marketing stuff.

Now this doesn’t mean that 7search is garbage. It can work out really well if you are into CPA where you can change offers and test out which work.

However when you are promoting a particular kind of product, you can’t change your offer. The traffic source has to be relevant to it or else it doesn’t matter.

So final verdict is that 7Search can’t be used for everything. It’s not an alternative to Google or Yahoo or Facebook.

It may work for you if you are into CPA networks where you can rotate the offers. It may also work for you if you try out some crazy keywords and see what happens. I personally don’t think its worth that effort and I dropped the whole idea. So if you promoting mlm, internet marketing stuff, then you are better off going after some other traffic source.

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