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Let's get started. First, there is the issue of creating your website.

Your website should be simple - so simple that when it comes time to replicate it, you can do so in just a few minutes (or outsource it for less than $100). That is the key here - speed and replication.

So, the idea of a single article is very enticing. I'm going to use sort of a hybrid model here to show you what I mean, however, because I want to make sure you know what I'm referencing.

The website itself can be exceptionally simple - even more so than I would have made it in many ways.

It has just one page, a landing page with about 1,500 words that reviews the product in-depth. The key here is depth.

The odd thing about people is that, while most people will not read an entire review, they expect it to be long. A short review means the reviewer didn't spend much time with the product and therefore, how could they possibly know anything about it.

So, your review should be a few things:

Long - At least 750 words and preferably closer to 1,500 words

Scannable - It should include many subtitles and headlines that make it easy to scan and you should end it with a simple to read star or numerical rating so that people in a hurry get what they need out of it.

Supported - A single page website is effective in many cases, but not always. In this section I'm going to show you how to create multiple pages that don't take much time but that provide plenty of benefits to you and your reader, while cross-linking them to create a sense of ease of use.

So, your website should have the following pages:
  • Landing Page
  • 2-3 Supporting Pages
  • 1-2 Bonus Pages
  • 2+ Video Pages

That is a big site map in my eyes and one that will get you into the top 10 on Google for almost any product you promote (save the new iPhone or something similar).

Remember that if you are not producing the results you want with a smaller site map you can always build a bigger site. The odds are that you will rank well right away and maybe over time someone else will pop up who ranks better. Simple solution - write more content and you'll jump up a little further.

We need to fill it up with some content - and ideally some damn good content. So, step one is to write a single extremely high quality article.

Keep in mind too that videos do often work for this. If you prefer to make a 10-15 minute review video instead of writing 1,500 words, by all means, go for it - the same number of people who are likely to read will view the video. Just keep some text on your page so you can take advantage of the content skimmers who just look for a rating and a link.

That's our foundational page - the landing page for the site. Here are a few things you need to make sure that your landing page (and every other page for that matter) has:

Keywords - Aim for between 1-2.5% density in your content. This is for the main keyword. So, if you have a 1,500 word article and your keyword is "100k Per Day" (3 words), then it should be used 12-13 times in 1500 words. That would give you a density of around 2.5%.

METAs - META tags do not have a direct influence on your ranking in Google. However, if they are missing, it can hurt you, so make sure they are included in every page of content and that they are relevant.

Images - Include at least 1 image for every 500 words of text on the page. This is my rule of thumb. Others have different ratios, but this has always worked for me. Make sure you also place ALT tags with your keyword on each image and change the file name to a keyword. So instead of Screenshot25XCA2.jpg, change it to "100kVisitorsPerDay.jpg".

Links - Link to content on your site and off your site (try to keep all off site links related to affiliate links when possible). These links are considered good for SEO because they add to the user experience, helping them find more useful information on a topic.

Those are some simple rules you can pass along to your contractor or run through yourself when you are preparing to publish your content.

Let's get started. Let me show you how I get 100,000 unique targeted visitors to my website per day and earn as much at $48,333 in just one week - click here to check it out.
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