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I want you to focus on what people will want from your site if they stick around (or if they happen to land on a supplemental page).

Overall, the total volume of content on my site is less than 3,000 words. When outsourced to a competent writer, you're looking at a total rate of $50+ if you have someone on hand already who does good work (the really good writers cost a bit more than this).

Now, there are a couple of short cuts for expanding your website and adding content that work quite well. Here are some of my favorites.


This is a trick that I got from NAME that is genius, though it can be overdone so there a few adjustments I recommend before starting. Also, this assumes that you are marketing digital products from sites like Warrior Forum or Clickbank that have JV pages. The trick is simple though - go to the JV page of a product you are promoting and take a few of the swipe EMAILS (not the articles!) and use them on your site. There is a very good chance, ESPECIALLY early on, before the launch occurs, that you will be the first person to do this. Now to really make sure you get the most out of these, cut and paste sections of them together. How I do this is I take all the swipes from the page and patch together pieces of them to create new pages. It's like spinning but a lot faster and without nearly as much clicking involved.


Technically, those swipes in the JV page of the vendor are PLR. The vendor created content and then gave it away to JVs with a license to use it to promote their website. Simple stuff. We can do the same thing with PLR taken from other sites like Artisan PLR. The content on this site (and other sites in the field) offer licensed content that you can publish on your site. The cool part is that it costs only $1 per page. So, you can often get 5 articles for $5. Now, there are a few caveats here. Most PLR sites sell 100-200 licenses of their content. So, you can get them for $1 each, but the odds are that you will need to do some additional work to customize.

Synonym Extraction

There is an art to rewriting an article without making it read like it was put through a garbage disposal. One of the simplest ways to do so is to use a word processor like Microsoft Word and to replace words with synonyms for those words. This is a manual process but if you know which words to look for, it can be done relatively quickly.

Here is a video with some more tips on how to do this quickly without an article spinner.

Sentence by Sentence Rewriting

The second option for rewriting is to go through sentence by sentence and rewrite them one at a time. The idea is to read the sentence, extract the meaning of that sentence and then rewrite it in different words. It's faster than it sounds because it is such a mechanical, straightforward process.

Spinning Your PLR

Article spinners are tools that allow you to define various synonyms for specific words throughout the text, creating countless variations of the same text based on those synonyms. For example, if you you had a sentence that read like this:

"Most dogs are very well behaved when trained properly, but others need extra attention."

You can spin it by adding the following syntax to an article spinner:

"{Most|Many|Lots of} dogs are {very|quite|incredibly} well behaved when {trained|treated|watched} {properly|the right way|effectively}, but {others|some|a few} {need|require} {extra|more|additional} {attention|time}."

It's a headache to read, but good spinning software will take that garble of code and flip out a number of unique articles (not every variation is unique) that can be used in article directories, blogs, or as website content.

Disclaimer: Article spinning can be risky business in the age of the Google Panda algorithm changes. Before using a spinner with content on any of your sites, do your research and choose a quality spinner that only produces legible, unique content.

Reorganizing Lists and Charts

Most articles have lists or charts or sub headlines of some kind to break up the text. Simply move the order of them around. Unless there is a very specific reason why you shouldn't do so, this will instantly make big changes to site content. You should still rewrite some of the content - I often remove the information after a bullet and write it from scratch using the bullet as a prompt - but it still saves you a lot of time.

Changing Sentence Length

You can get a lot of use out of a piece simply by varying sentence lengths. Combine sentences with conjunctions, remove conjunctions from longer sentences to make them shorter. There are a lot of ways to do this without spending hours revamping your PLR.

Mass Replacements of Contractions and Numbers

Use the "Find and Replace" function in your word processor to replace all numbers with written versions or vice versa. You can also mass-replace common words or uses of things like contractions. Search for every use of an apostrophe and then replace that word with the two words that formed it. Here are some examples:

Use Software to Ensure High Unique Rates

There are quite a few software options on the market that will help you ensure the percentage of unique content is high. I have long used Copyscape and the Premium Compare function. Others swear by DupeCop. Whatever you use, make sure you reach a high enough level to ensure duplicate content isn't an issue.

Pay Someone to Rewrite Your Content

If you're more concerned about saving time than money, simply outsource your content to a native English speaking writer with instructions to make it less than 25% in Copyscape Compare. Text Broker and iWriter are both great for this as you can get quality content for between $2 and $10 per article. If you're willing to risk it, Elance and Odesk both have a number of options to choose from as well, but make sure you stay on top of content quality.

Replace Keywords in the Text

If the article has a keyword integrated into it, replace that keyword with one of your own using the Find and Replace function in your word processor. This won't make the entire article unique but it can save a bit of time when customizing sentences. Make sure if your article needs to be keyword optimized that you avoid spinning or rewriting those words.

Create New Graphics

If your PLR content comes with graphics - usually for eBooks and reports - have new graphics created. The vast majority of people who launch eBooks based on PLR neglect to have the graphics changed and there are subsequently dozens of eBooks on the market with the same cover photos and sales page graphics. Just having a new set created for $50-$100 can vastly improve how your site is perceived, especially in a crowded niche with lots of potential customers. The basic idea is simple though - use PLR content relevant to your niche, tweak it a bit to make it perfectly matched to your site and then toss it in a blender to make sure you get Google credit.

Keep in mind too that PLR content from a reliable vendor like Anthony is exceptionally high quality. Avoid the mega-sized kits of PLR (20,000 articles for $20), as they tend to be much lower quality and are often sold well beyond the 100-200 limit of other sites.

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