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I want to talk about video. Video is the best option right now if you want to add simple content to your website in a matter of seconds. Not only is video a great option for ranking in Google (recent algorithms put it right along side text content if properly matched), but if you create your own content, you can get it syndicated elsewhere for even more traffic.

So, what does this mean?

It means you should practice smiling on camera and start recording some simple videos. Here are some examples:

Review – Put your review in a video and you’ll have a much better product that will then be distributed through other sources as well. I don’t recommend letting people embed your videos (so keep it private) or they can swipe your commissions, but you can get people to link to it from other sources. You can read your written review, do a fresh one or record the product in action for people to see and discuss.

Personal Introduction – Put yourself in front of a blank background and record it for a few minutes as you introduce yourself and your website. This is a great way to build credibility when trying to sell yourself as an expert in this niche that can offer great reviews.

Articles Converted – Take a few PLR or swipe articles and convert them into video using PowerPoint or a similar tool like Keynote. You can then just record the slide show as you read the slides (or even hire someone to read it for you).

If you’re not keen on recording your own videos, there are plenty of ways to cheat. Here are some of my favorites.


Fiverr is awesome. You can pay someone $5 to do a 60 second video on just about anything. Use this tool wisely and have video content created that will drive people to your content. You can also create a swipe file this way – having multiple video clips on tap for when you need them most.

Vendor Videos

The vendor of the product you are creating has likely created a few videos of his or her own, meaning you can go to YouTube and snag the embed codes for your own use. This is a great way to build your collection of content without having to make it. Make sure the vendor is okay with this in advance. Most will be okay with it, as long as you don’t take their main sales videos.

Be very careful in YouTube, however, as you will find quite a few videos from other marketers in here. They may not take as kindly to your “borrowing” their content for your own marketing needs.

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