Solo Ads That Work | Where To Find And Buy Solo Ads

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Looking for solo ads that work?

Well, there are several places you can buy targeted solo ads that work.

I will give you a basic idea of where to find solo ads for your business. If you want more info then get hold of my solo ads report.

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Google - You can find a lot of solo ads by using the search engines. All you need to do is type in the keywords “newsletter” + “your niche name” or “solo ads” + “your niche name” or “join our newsletter” + “your niche name”. Since there are solo ads for different niches like health, fitness, make money online, its important to specify the niche name. Always remember, advertising in the right solo ads is absolutely crucial. Get it wrong and you will lose money. So by using Google, you will get a lot of results which you can sift and sort and find a lot of solo ads to advertise. One important tip – always subscribe to the email list and see what kind of content the owner sends out to his list. You will get a fair idea of what’s going on.

Warriorforum – There are a lot of solo ad providers in who will send you traffic. Use the search bar in warriorforum and you will find tons of solo ad providers.

Directory Of Ezines – You can subscribe to the Directory of Ezines where solo ads are listed out in a niche basis. It’s a paid subscription which costs $197 one time fee.

Now these 3 methods will give a big list of solo ad providers to contact. Then its your job to test out these providers, see which ones make the most profit for you and keep using them. As I keep mentioning, solo ad quality is just one part of the equation. The other part is your ability to convert the traffic into sales. To get this right, you must have the right lead capture page to convert your traffic into leads and the right follow up email sequence to convert your leads into sales.

Now if you want in-depth information about how to get lots of traffic from solo ads along with a list of 25 trusted solo ad providers, then I suggest you check out my solo ads report.

Click Here To Check Out My Solo Ads Report (comes with a list of 25 trusted solo ad providers)
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