4 Secrets of Article Marketing For Greater Traffic, Leads and Sales

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No matter how hard you work on writing an article for the Internet, it would not serve any purpose if no one read it. Therefore, it is imperative that you pay as much attention to writing the article, as you do on marketing it. Revealed below are some ground-breaking article marketing secrets that will ensure your article just doesn't exist on the Internet, but actually thrives on it!

Secret 1: The Right Headline Could in Fact Make or Break Your Article

The headline of your article is probably its most crucial element. A catchy, informative headline is what is likely to grab the attention of your readers and determine whether they would actually read through. Having said that, do not mislead your readers, otherwise they would easily be turned off and probably never come back to any of your articles.

Secret 2: Modifying Your Article

It may seem intuitive to some, but a lot many others do not realize that a simple tweaking around could actually work wonders in terms of your having a large number of articles in your portfolio as well as having a veritable online presence. Therefore, if you already have an article on say running a successful online business, tweak it a little bit to make it specific to say online foods business or online jewellery business, etc. You will gain instant recognition as an online marketing expert, and your articles will get many more hits and page views.

Secret 3: Article Submission is a Key

Ensure that your articles are submitted to maximum websites, article directories, etc. The more such places you submit your article to, better are the chances of your article being viewed widely. Also, cross-linking comes into play, with many others linking into your article and vice versa; eventually all of it contributes towards increasing traffic.

Secret 4: Incorporating keywords into your articles

Even if your articles are well written, without incorporating the appropriate keywords that in turn get it the necessary search engine optimization, they would be useless. So, while writing, do concentrate on the keywords. First think through the right set of keywords, keep that list alongside, and incorporate them judiciously as you draft out your article.

So, as you can see for yourself, article marketing secrets, kept hush-hush till now, are finally revealed and there in front of you to incorporate into your repertoire of online marketing tools.

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