Ebook Marketing Tips - 4 Sales Page Tips to Ratchet Up Your Ebook Sales

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When it comes to marketing Ebooks, you would do well to focus that extra bit on the Sales Page. After all, that's where the much sought after revenues from your eBook would come from. The tips below showcase the ways in which you could boost your sales page to maximize your sales.

Tip 1: Add a 'guarantee' logo or icon to your sales page

Providing a guarantee makes a world of difference to your potential customers. They get the much needed assurance that you really mean business and would be there for them if they need you. Also, in the unlikely situation that they would end up being unhappy with your product offering, they could return the eBook back to you.

Tip 2: Make the 'Order' link appear multiple times on the sales page

Offer your customers multiple links to order your Ebook. This way, whichever portion of the sales page they may be on, they would be able to order from you. Since a purchase decision is often impulsive, give them adequate windows and leverage to do so.

Tip 3: Make your 'Order' link secure

Securing your 'Order' link, for instance through SSL, really boosts sales. This has been proven in instances of all online purchases, as customers proffer their personal financial details here. It gives them the assurance that these details would not be misused.

Tip 4: Restrict your Sales copy to a single page

A single page should be sufficient for you to underscore the salient features of your Ebook. Besides, customers are most often hard pressed for time. They would not like to go over too much of sales copy text. They may even choose to ignore completely.

So, give your eBook sales the requisite edge with the tips for marketing Ebooks listed above.

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