Article Marketing Tips - 4 Killer Tips That You Need to Know Get Traffic Like Magnet to a Steel Rod

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You're one of those really prolific writers who can churn out articles faster than I can say 'Abracadabra'. Yet, when it comes to marketing those articles, you are at a complete loss. Fortunately, there is help at hand, in the form of the powerful, time-tested and proven article marketing tips listed below.

Tip 1: Cross Reference Your Articles

In simple terms, link and be linked to. To elaborate, provide links in your current article to other articles that you have drafted. Cross reference your articles to one another. You could even do the same with articles written by others.

Tip 2: Use Affiliates to Promote Your Articles

In addition to promoting your articles yourself, have affiliates to do the job for you. That way, not only will there be additional voices speaking in favor of your work, in the long term both you and your affiliates will gain financially. If your articles are of very high quality, your affiliates will also gain credibility.

Tip 3: Place Your Articles in Ebooks

A time-tested technique, you gain a wide range of readers with this method. Your perceived integrity, along with that of the articles goes up substantially by this method. Additionally, since the eBook authors would be promoting their product offerings extensively, your articles also end up getting promoted in the bargain.

Tip 4: Syndicate Your Articles with RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds such as Google Blog Search, Microsoft's RSS Powered Longhorn, XML Sitemaps, etc. all contribute towards spreading awareness about your articles. Use them freely. Since there are many who subscribe to these feeds, your articles would eventually be read far and wide by many.

So, as you see, just go ahead and do your writing; when it comes to promotion, the above mentioned article marketing tips will do the job for you!

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