Ebook Profit Tips - 4 Steps to Multiplying Your Ebook Profits Easily

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While your heart yearns to write, it's cash that keeps the fire burning. But what if you had an easy solution that allows you to write as well as profit like crazy? Wondering what I'm talking about? Well my friend, I'm referring to Ebooks, a phenomenon that has brought name, fame and riches to millions. You too could be making money with Ebooks, simply by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: Distribute a few copies FREE

The power of free has in any case been well documented in marketing parlance. You could suitably do that with Ebooks too. Each copy you distribute free would in turn create awareness about you; while at the same time entice other customers to actually purchase your Ebooks.

Step 2: Team up with other eBook Writers

The age-old maxim of unity is strength holds good for Ebooks too. Get your eBook enlisted with other eBook aggregating sites as well as offerings from fellow eBook writers. Then watch from the sidelines as your sales (and your profits) spiral upwards!

Step 3: Hyperlink the Benefits section to the Order page

In the ad copy for your Ebook, have the benefits section hyperlink to your Order page. That way, you will see your sales really zoom, and so would the money that you would make! Customers would find themselves literally drawn into purchasing your Ebook.

Step 4: Differentially price various portions of your eBook

You could let your customers view a select portion of your eBook at say half-price, and if they like what they see, they could get access to the rest of the eBook at the full price. This way, your customers will also be reassured in the confidence that you have on your product. They will simply be compelled to but the eBook at its full purchase price.

So, as you see, making money with Ebooks is simple and easy, and there is simply a lot of money that is there to be made!

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