YouTube Traffic Secrets - How to Channel Floods of YouTube Traffic in Your Direction

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The popularity of video sharing websites, the massive hits and page views that they receive, etc. is all very well documented. What is not is the fact that you have the power to redirect that traffic in a direction of your choice! It could be your own website, that of the affiliate you market for...just about anyone or anything. Simply follow the following tips to assist you in your efforts towards redirecting YouTube traffic.

Tip 1: Synergize Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Assuming you are already running your own affiliate marketing business successfully. With YouTube and online video sharing, you in fact have the power to combine your existing affiliate marketing business with video sharing. What you could essentially do is, create an interesting and exciting video around the products or services that you are promoting. Give the description of your offering in the textual content around the video. You will yourself be amazed at the sudden surge of interest in your offering.

Tip 2: Embed Your URL in the Video

Right through the video, or in the beginning or towards the end, you could in fact have the URL of your website featured. That would in turn have a positive, spiral effect on the hits on your own website. Additionally, those unfamiliar with you or what you have to offer, would gain that much needed familiarity.

Tip 3: Encourage Reposting

Display the actual URL of your video prominently, alongside the video. That way, enthusiastic viewers could bookmark the link and easily keep coming back. They could also copy paste the link and put it in their social networking profiles, blogs, etc. If the requisite code is provided along with the actual URL, viewers could also embed your video in a destination of their choice.

Tip 4: Watermark Your Videos

That way you will not only promote your website as well as your own self, your videos will also get certified as your product. Since capabilities for downloading videos from video sharing websites have been suitably built, you would even be protecting yourself this way, from potential piracy. It would also serve as a sort of marketing and branding tool for you, since you could do the watermarking in a certain, distinctive way.

As you would have figured out by now, redirecting YouTube traffic in a direction of your choice is not that difficult after all!

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