Outsourcing Your Work for $5 - 40+ Websites Similar to Fiverr

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Fiverr is an awesome website that gives Internet marketers and website owners the opportunity to outsource tasks or work they need done at a really affordable price. All the jobs on Fiverr are $5.00. You can hire someone to set up your Wordpress Blog, Wordpress Plugins, handle email or blog comments or maybe you need help with social bookmarking – everything cost $5.00. They have a big menu where you can select the kind of help you need. They have graphic and design, programming and tech, video and animation, advertising and much more.

Fiverr has changed the Internet marketing world so much that there are countless new sites online offering the same outsource opportunities as Fiverr. These sites are just as good and you can use them for a variety of tasks. If you want to make money, these resources have a treasure trove of great tools to do it.


Very similar to Fiverr, this site offers jobs but deals in euros - 5 Euros for each task. Just like Fiverr you select the category according to your needs, order the work, receive the completed article, website or task and pay. You can also post a review of you of seller’s work.



Unlike Fiverr Uphype sells “Hypes” for $8, $16 or $24 depending on the outsourcing service you request. You find the selller one you want and pay the money by paypal or credit card and the process begins. You have 72 hours to get corrections. You can also post a review on your services.



With Gighours the prices vary according to the service. Sellers are either online, meaning you will get the work within 8 hours, or offline, meaning you will get the work in 48 hours.



Justafive offers services for $5, $10 or $20 It is similar to Uphype because you can pay by paypal or credit card and then you have 48 hours to get any corrections done to your product.



With 5 Gigme5, just like Fiverr, all offers for gigs are $5. And Multiple gigs are available if your work requires more time than seller offers for the money.



Ffiver payments are in pounds sterling but the site functions just like Fiverr. And you have 48 hours to get corrections done.



This site functions like Ffiver. But unlike Ffiver it can be a large job requiring more than one person and payment. Also it can be worth any amount and if you are really not content with the result and can justify the reasons, no payment is required



With Gigswood the cost vary for gigs but it’s very similar to Fiverr. You have the opportunity of discussing the work with seller during production so you can get the completed product you requested.



With this site the jobs are referred to as twigs. When ordering a twig you pay $10 upfront. Then if the twig is accepted, you have a chance to discuss and instruct the seller on the specifics during production. After you get your completed product, you have 24 hours to get corrections made and you can leave comments or a review.


Here is a list of over sites that you can use to get jobs outsourced. These sites are also very affordable and function similar to Fiverr.

1. microworkers.com
2. zeerk.com
3. gigbucks.com
4. taskarmy.com
5. IMGiGz.com
6. Fourerr.com
7. twentyville.com
8. fittytown.com
9. magicgig.com
10. nettradr.com
11. myntmarket.com
12. jobsfor10.com
13. dollar3.com
14. fivesquids.co.uk
15. ninerrs.com
16. fiverup.com
17. tenerr.com
18. awesomegig.com
19. jobsfor7.com
20. Fora20.com
21. Dollar3.com
22. Outsourcerr.com
23. Earner.net
24. fiversworld.com
25. bountyit.com
26. peoplestox.com
27. coffeeandpower.com
28. iwilldoitfor.com
29. notjustafive.com
30. joberr.com
30. microgigsite.com
31. SEOClerks.com
32. Gigblasters.com
33. Jobsfor12.com

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    I was actually looking for this list, i almost forgot MicroWorkers on this list, i use this for SEO jobs. There is a similar site where you can work for $10 USD a gig right ?
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