12 Small and Home Business Web 2.0 Productivity Tools to Save Time, Money and Boost Profits

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On the Internet, web 2.0 sites have made it easy and simple for millions of small business owners to enjoy resources that only a few years ago were impossible because they were too expensive to use. In the past, only large businesses had this privilege, because they could afford costly customer relations, project management, knowledge development, and data management tools. But now, because of web 2.0 sites, regular small business owners have access to countless amazing and exceptionl tools without having to spend a fortune.

Small business people such as consultants, Internet maketers, affiliate marketers, medical professionals, insurance professionals, contractors, and many more can take advantge of these FREE productivity tools.

1. Zoho CRM

ZOHO CRM is the best and most cost-effective way to keep track of your contacts, leads, and customers and ideal for the average everyday small business owner. It is a free Customer Relationship Management system!

2. Remember the Milk

With this tool you can set up various categories, due dates, priority levels, and reminders. It also helps you remember to get stuff done. And it has a great name that is easy to remember. It is the best to-do list on the Internet and the mobile application is easy and simple to use.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to see a daily, weekly, or monthly views, and enables you to send invitations to people for meetings. It works with your Gmail account, so that you can get reminders for appointments. No other calender competes with Google Calendar and a must for any small business owner.

This app will help you stop paying so much for accounting software. Bookkeeping is a nightmare for many a small business owners. FreshBooks allows you to track expenses as well as time on projects. You can also create invoices for clients and view detailed reports.

5. Dropbox

This Interet storage data app will alleviate your stress by simplifying your daily tasks more the many other tools on the Internet. Dropbox lets users to save up to 2GB of data to their accounts for free. With Dropbox, you can access your files on any computer on which you have it installed it and you can also access the files from your online account. When you save something on one device, it instantly saves to all other devices as well as your online account. This feature makes everything always accessible in any location.

6. Evernote

This app is the best note-taking platform available on the Internet. You can save notes in different folders, leave voice memos, store images, save articles, and more. And it has a mobile application that is very simple to use and syncs instantly with your online account.

7. Do

One of the most complicated tasks for small business owners to do is to manage and coordinate projects with others. Whether they are employees, sub-contractors, strategic partners, or anyone else, it can be almost impossible to set up schedules and activities. With Do you can do it! You can easily delegate tasks, establish deadlines, create projects, and receive progress updates.

8. Doodle

An ideal app to have if you need to meet with a group of people and you can’t seem to coordinate schedules. You simply send them all a “Doodle.” You just create a few time slots for when you are available and have them all check the time slots that they are available as well. You can use to set up many meetings effortlessly. This app relieves the difficult and stressful routine of endless phone calls and text messages required to set up meetings.

9. Instapaper

If you have ever found an amazing article you want to refer back to or something you want to share with a customer, Instapaper is your solution. It is the easiest-to-use application for saving articles. With the click of a button you can save the article to your Instapaper account. You can also group articles into folders, send them in emails, and share them on social networks. It is an amazing tool and also a must have.

10. Dlvr.it

Dlvr.it allows to share relevant information with your social contacts. Dlvr.it is by far the best tool for freeing you up and letting you create useful and informative content. With Dlvr.it, you can set up RSS feeds to send automatically to your social networks either immediately when published or when you schedule them to post. Once you set up the route, you never have to post anything agai. Sound too good to be true? Just try it it's fantastic!

11. AnyMeeting

The web has enabled long-distance conferencing for just about anything. AnyMeeting is a free screen-sharing, telephone and/or video conferencing tool. With this app you can video conference with up to 6 people at a time and invite up to 200 people to share a screen with you. This will save you a ton of time because you don't have repeat the same info over and over again with different people. Simply invite them to an AnyMeeting webinar and show them what you’ve got.

12. Twitter

As a small business owner, you’ve got to stay informed about what’s going on in your field. The Internet is full of websites that you can browse to find content, but it can be extremely time-consuming. Twitter is the best way to stay informed. Twitter can be used as a productivity tool by following relevant accounts and use the information they provide to learn. Most tweets have links to articles attached to them. Set up a Twitter account that you use only gather information and make you a more well-informed business leader.
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