Explode Your Income in 2013 With One Simple Strategy - Beginner Friendly

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Those new to internet marketing, whether it be affiliate marketing or marketing their own product, often want to know the best way to make money online. If you want to truly profit from your online efforts in 2013, you only need one strategy. Please understand there are many ways to make money online and this is not specifically a traffic strategy, but this is the key to sustaining an online income and quitting your day job.

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The Golden Secret You've Been Searching For

Actually, the strategy I am about to give you isn't a secret, but the top internet marketers have applied it to their campaigns since the first discovery of making money online. This strategy is the key to your overall success, but it will require work on your part. You won't be able to just press a few keys and watch the money start pouring in. However, if you dedicate this new year to this one strategy, you will make money and it will become sustainable.

It works in any niche, no matter how competitive it is and you will see results as soon as you put it in motion. There are three specific parts to this strategy and you don't need to make it any more difficult than it already is. Before I give you all the details, let me give you the simplest version of the strategy.

Step #1 - Build a Website or Squeeze Page

Step #2 - Get Traffic

Step #3 - Build a List and Make Money

You may be rolling your eyes or saying, "yea, yea, yea, I've heard this before". I know that most people getting into internet marketing have heard about building a list and making money from it, but they don't understand why or how.


Building a list is necessary to sustain your income. For example, I read a post a while back about a guy/girl (couldn't tell from the username) that had created a website, was receiving regular traffic, but couldn't get more than 2 sales a week. Assume this person was receiving 200 unique visitors per week and 2 bought the product they promoted on their website, that leave 198 people leaving without taking any action.

What if you could capture a portion of those 198 people and try to sell them a different product or even the same one again? Did you know, on average, an internet shopper needs to see a new product at least 7 times before they consider buying it? That's just the average, which means some people need to see it more than 7 times.

Building a list allows you to market to those not buying the product you are promoting right away. Not only can you gain them as customers, but you can also increase the amount they spend with you. When you build a list the right way, you will actually gain their trust over time and your product recommendations will become "gold" to them. Imagine sending out an email to a list of 10,000 or more and making thousands of dollars in one day.


This is usually the part beginners struggle with and I struggled with for a very long time. First, let me say, if you want to make money online and you want to do it without depending on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other huge search engine, building a list is one way to do it. You can build a list without using Search Engine Optimization and without worrying about your Google ranking.

Don't make it harder than it has to be. Here's my EASY and SIMPLE list building strategy that works in EVERY NICHE:

Step #1 - Build a Squeeze Page

I use Wordpress and there are about a dozen different free plugins to help you create an attractive squeeze page. I use one called "WP Optins". Keep the squeeze page simple and don't over complicate your message. The only other thing you need to make sure, with your squeeze page, the optin form needs to be above the fold.

Step #2 - Get Traffic

There are a number of ways to get traffic, but as a writer, I like to use article marketing and guest blogging. Both methods are free and very easy to implement.

Step #3 - Building the List and Making Money

The traffic will build your list. The only thing you need is a good auto responder. I use Get Response. Aweber is another good choice. You may need to do a little research and test a few different types of email messages to find the right approach for your niche, but through testing, you will find what works best.

It really is this simple and if you want to create a sustainable income in 2013, build a list!

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