Proven and Profitable Offline Marketing Methods for Your Home or Small Business

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Offline advertising can be your business most critical component. If done appropriately it can make your home business profitable and successful. Many marketers and business owner believe that only online advertising is effective. However, offline advertising can significantly increase your traffic and profits as well.

Offline advertising usually costs more per targeted prospect than online advertising, but offline advertising offers business owners the ability to reach a more specific target market. Offline advertising also enables you to widen your market to people that usually don't use the internet for research or shopping.

Also since each individual learns and remembers differently, offline advertising allows you to reach your potential customer many times with numerous strategies. This will in inscribe your company message and benefits to those individuals.

For example, if you ensure that the same demographic receives your email newsletter, a postcard direct mail piece and reads about your business in their favorite association or trade magazine, you've reach them in three different ways. This will certainly guarantee your business will be the first thing they think of when they need your product or service.

However, if you only reach your target demographic via email newsletters, then they may not consider your product or service unless they are online and need of your products or services at that moment.

Offline Advertising Defined.

Advertising, offline or online, is a paid method to sell your products or services to your target market. It is a paid method to encourage a purchase or other course of action.

Advertising should: Tell your potenital customers the following:

Tell your potenital customers what you sell or offer
Tell people how to contact you
Tell people the advantegous from buying these products or services

Proven and Profitable Offline Advertising Methods

1. Direct Mail or Direct Response Advertising

The number one tool in offline advertising is direct response advertising. You can use this method to increase awareness and purchases. Why? When it's done the right way, direct response works exceptionally well. But if not done correctly it can be a costly failure.

What is Direct Response Advertising? Review the contents of your mailbox today and examine its contents. You will probably find large amounts of direct response mail that we rountinely refer to as junk mail. Postcards, brochures, and sales letters all created to inform us about a business, their products and services, and the benefit that you'll receive from purchasing.

The secret to awesome conversion rates is incorporating several factors. Your direct mail piece needs to have:

Interest. It needs to address their interests. You'd likely be wasting your money and time if you sent a baby accessory list direct mail about hunting supplies.

Attention getting device. This is usually a well crafted headline.

Desire. If you have your potential customer's attention and interests, now you need to create a desire for your product or service. Emphazing the advantageous your reader will receive rather than the features you offer will achieve excellent results.

Action. No direct mail piece will work, or generate sales, if you don't stress to have a call to action. What do you want your reader to do? Maybe you want them to call you. Do you want them to visit your website for a free report or consultation? Do you want them to make a purchase?
You must tell your readers what you want them to do or they won't do it. This is why you often see "ACT NOW" or "BUY NOW" "CALL NOW" at the end of advertisements and direct mail pieces. It's a call to action.

2. Magazine and Newspaper Advertising

There are three types of advertisements that work amazingly well and will generate the most Return on Investment.

They are:

 Open Letter
 Classic Direct Response
 Advertorial

Open letter advertising looks and reads like a letter. You address the letter to the demographic you're targeting. It usually starts with "Dear Reader," or "Dear Pet Lover," "Dear Working Mom."
Then you write an enticing and persuasive letter, to your prospects. Your letter will address your reason for writing, what your products or services are about, what you can do for your reader, and how they can act to receive the benefits of your product or service.

You need to include the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action strategy, or AIDA. Use your headline as the attention getting device.

A traditional direct response reads like a conventional sales letter. It offers a call to action as well as documentation of why your product or service works. The way to achieve this is using testimonials and statistics to back your claims. Coupons are great to use as a call to action.

Advertorials are advertisement editorials. They are advertisements that look like articles and they work because, they attract attention, just like the other two forms of advertising we've already reviewed. Also they look different than the typical advertisement. Advertorials work particularly well because readers believe they are true articles even though it reads "Paid Advertisement" at the bottom or top of the page.

All three forms of advertising need to contain powerful and enticing headlines and a call to action. Don't' forget to use emotions to boost your reader's interest. And remember to include documentation, guarantees, and testimonials to increase the credibility of your claims and improve your conversion rate

3. Yellow Pages and Beyond

The yellow pages are often overlooked by many businesses; however you're cheating yourself if you forget this affordable and effective advertising tool. Adding an advertisement in the yellow pages means that you'll also be added to your local search listing online. In addition to being seen by anyone specifically looking for your service.

4. Classified Ads

Classified ads are extremely successful and effective if you use them to offer a small ticket item or to generate a sales lead. The key is to place your ad in the same paper religiously for at least three months and to make sure that they're well written.

5. Write articles for relevant associations and magazines.

Just like writing articles for online publications, writing articles for print publications is an exceptional way to increase interest in your business, and sales. Many organizations and associations have newsletters. Contact organizations that are relevant to your field and offer to write an article for their publication. Contact the editors of these newsletters and magazines and offer to write an article for the publication.

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