3 Writing Tips ALL Beginners Need

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Writing is a large part of online marketing. Content is very important and if you cannot write, you will need to pay someone to do it for you. The problem with outsourcing your writing, you have to at least know what quality content is or you could end up paying someone for content that's just not very good. Here are three very important parts of writing every beginner should understand.

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1. Quality isn't found in Length

The length of the content is important, but a 500-word article can be much higher in quality than a 1,500-word article. It's not about how long the content is, but how the content gets the message across. Does it connect with the reader? Is it easy to navigate and read? Does the writer use a conversational tone? These are all very important things. Your writing should appeal to your audience and deliver on the promises of the title, regardless of length.

2. Short Paragraphs are Readable

A very simple error to avoid when writing anything online is the length of your paragraphs. Visitors landing on a website with a huge block of text know it's going to be a struggle to read and they leave. Using sub-headings and bullet points can help break up the content and make it easier to read. However, the most important thing any good writer can do is use short paragraphs.

3. Catchy Title

The title is the absolute most important part of any piece of content. If you write articles for article directories, your readers will judge each article by the title. The same goes with guest blogging, article syndication and blogging. The title has to catch the reader's attention and pull them in. Without a good title, they will never reach your resource box and click on your link.

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