The REAL Secret to Internet Marketing - Every Beginner Needs This

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We all spend months or even years, at the beginning, searching for that one golden secret, strategy or method to make us rich. What's amazing is we probably find it a dozen times before we ever realize the real secret to making money online. Most beginners will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on guides and programs promising fast success and riches only to learn the program sucks.

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Spending money on all types of programs will only distract from the plan you already put together. If you're like many other beginners and even some veterans, you've put together more plans than you've completed. Most of us started out this way and it wasn't the plan that was the issue. It was us and our attitudes. The real secret to internet marketing is:
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Putting on the Blinders
  • Completing your Plan
  • Taking Action

All five of these qualify as secrets only because beginners avoid them like they are the plague. They spend so much time searching, when the secrets are right there in front of them. Almost every internet marketing guide you will buy or download free of charge, will state that you must take action, focus and complete the plan in front of you. So, why do so many beginners continue on without finishing what they start?

They lack focus. Beginners don't understand how to put on the blinders, find that necessary tunnel vision, take action and complete the plan in front of them. Even if they buy into the plan, they get distracted by the next big thing, drop $40 on it, promise themselves it's the last one they will buy and go through the process again.

It's easier for most to start over again with a new plan, than complete the one in front of them. Have you ever notice that nearly every step-by-step online marketing plan has the same last step as a bottle of shampoo. Rinse and Repeat, but how are you supposed to repeat if you never get through the plan the first time?

How to Find Success, FINALLY, Online

If you want to find success in 2013, you need to complete a plan. Don't set goals for a specific amount of income. Instead, create a plan and set your goal to finish it. Don't worry about the amount of cash it produces or whether you're a millionaire after the first week, just work the plan until you've completed it. This will lead you to success much faster than the NEXT BIG THING!

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