Is Empower Network A Pyramid Scheme | Hard Hitting Answer

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Is empower network a pyramid scheme?

Is it legal?

If you want a hard hitting, no BS answer, then you have come to the right place.

First of all, let’s get the concept of pyramid schemes right. What is a pyramid scheme? A pyramid scheme is a program where people make money by recruiting others into the program. In pyramid schemes the quality of a product and its market value are irrelevant as people buy it ONLY because they want an opportunity to recruit others into the program and make money. Pyramid schemes are just money circulation scams.

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A simple way to identify pyramid schemes would be to ask this question – can the company product be sold to end consumers who have no interest in selling it and recruiting others into the program?

Of course, there is more to it but this is pretty much the basics.

Now let’s take Empower Network. It’s a program that allows its members to get pass up sales (from multiple levels). No matter what anyone says, it will be considered as an mlm company and scrutinized as one. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but paying commissions on pass up sales comes with its own set of rules.

You see, I can sell a pencil for $10,000. If my customers have no problem paying that amount for it, I can keep selling how much ever I want. However the WHOLE EQUATION changes if I allow others to sell my pencil for $10,000 and attach a nice little compensation plan that pays on multiple levels. In such a case, my business would be scrutinized to check whether my customers are buying my pencils for $10,000 for its worth or for a chance to promote it and make nice commissions.

Do you get my point? In Empower Network, you get commissions for only those products that you buy. That’s fair enough but once the company gets big enough, the regulators would want to check whether people are buying the product for its worth or for the ability to get higher commissions.

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If Empower Network is not to be considered as an pyramid scheme, then it must sell products that can be purchased by people who have NO INTENTION to market Empower Network. It must sell products that satisfy a need (whatever it may be) and can be used by people who have got nothing to do with the company.

So the best way to find out whether Empower Network is a pyramid scheme or not is by checking about the authenticity of the products. As a non-member, I have heard good things about the products but do your due diligence before you join. If the products are good enough to be used by people who have no interest in selling Empower Network, then that’s a good sign.

See, there are LOT of gray areas when it comes to pyramid schemes nowadays. There are a lot of aspects to be considered. It’s a long and complicated topic. I have mentioned the most important aspect when it comes to Empower Network. So ask these questions before you join it.

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