Why You Need to Build a List for Online Success

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Success online comes with just a few things, a website, traffic, a list and something to sell. That's really all you need and the most important part of the equation is building your list. Every time a subscriber signs up, you gain multiple opportunities to make money by helping them. Notice, I said, "make money by helping them", not, "make money off of them". This is where we will start.

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Your Mindset

If you want to build a successful list that converts into cash, you need to help your subscribers. Whether you help them through product recommendations, free tips or in any other way, you need to concentrate on helping them with their problem. For example, if you build a list in the weight loss niche, you want to help your subscribers lose weight. This can be done through tips, products and different methods you send them free of charge or promote to them to make cash.

How Much are your Subscribers Worth?

Each subscriber is worth more than you may realize. One person can spend more than just a few dollars with you over the course of a year. If you take care of your list, they open your emails and they buy your recommended products, one subscriber can be worth thousands of dollars throughout the time they are subscribed to your list. This is important to understand and when you first start out, you should concentrate on getting subscribers, not making money.

Does a List Provide Security?

Yes, yes and yes again. The most successful internet marketers, regardless of niche, all built lists and continue to add subscribers to their lists. They understand that a list provides push-button traffic and sales. They know they can make money from their list anytime they want. Here are a few ways you can leverage your list for cash.
  • Promote/Recommend Products (either yours or affiliate products)
  • Sell solo ads (single email ads others buy and you send to your list)
  • Sell advertising space (ad space in a newsletter)
  • Promote free products with an OTO

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