Is it Possible to Make Money Without Spending Money?

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Beginners often want to start their online business without investing a penny and it is possible to make money online without spending money. However, it's much easier to control and to implement many of the strategies online if you have money to invest. Think about it this way, if you started a brick and mortar business (offline store, restaurant, etc), you would need money to pay for the building, supplies, inventory and everything necessary to start the business.

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The money requirement would be in the tens of thousands for most offline business and you would consider it an investment in your business. You would probably take it very serious and it would be your full time job. The online world is a bit different, but you still need a similar attitude. Too many beginners don't treat their online business as an actual business. This dooms them to failure right from the beginning.

Making Money Online Without Spending Money

The easiest way to make money online without spending it used to be through building Squidoo lenses, Hubpages and other web 2.0 properties to promote an affiliate product. The problem is, these sites can take down your creations whenever they want and they no longer pull as much weight or traffic as they used to. You can still make money with these types of sites, but expect to put in a ton of work for a very small return.

Making money without spending money requires a large amount of time. When you pay for certain things, often you are trading money for time. This can be done by outsourcing the writing of content, outsourcing backlink building or many other tasks you can't or don't want to perform. If you want to start without spending a dime, you will need to do everything yourself, which can be very time consuming.

Investing in Yourself to Make Money Online

You don't need thousands of dollars to start an online business. With just $250, you can get a great start online. For $50, you can at least gain control over your own website and start making money without worrying about the site owner shutting you down because you are the site owner. Here's a quick plan to leverage $250 and turn it into a viable online business.

1. Buy Hosting

Most hosting companies will sell you hosting for around $50 to $75 a year and they will even give you a free domain name. We are going to assume you spend $75 on your hosting and get a free domain name, so you have $175 left.

2. Install Wordpress and get a Premium Theme

Installing Wordpress is very easy and it's a great platform for a website/blog. You will want to use a premium theme, however. This helps to ensure you avoid security risks and gives you some other added benefits. You can get one for around $50, so you have $125 left now.

3. Buy a Program for Marketing

Now, you need to spend around $50 on a program for marketing. This could be a combination of a few programs/guides. These will help you learn the best ways to gain traffic. If you really want to get the most from your investment, become a war room member. It will provide you with a ton of value. Look at this investment as if you were buying a textbook for a college class. It's vital to your success.

This leaves you with $75, which you can use for any recommended tools or products you find through the marketing program you choose. Almost all good marketing methods require tools or some type of additional investment, even if it's just to make the program easier to implement. You will already have hosting, a website and Wordpress ready to go, so implementing the rest of the program will be much easier.

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