Viral Marketing - Going from a Zero to a Hero Overnight

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The fastest way to gain a huge amount of unique visitors to your websites is through viral marketing. Usually this happens through the social websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but it can also happen through social bookmarking sites, such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious. Imagine posting something to your blog, logging in a day later and finding out your new post received over 1,000 visitors in 24 hours.

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Does this really happen?

Yes it does, every single day of the week. You see, when you get followers that read your blog posts and share it across their social networks, they have the opportunity to go viral. When they share your post, all their friends can see it, which means they might read and share, as well. Some internet marketers can post something to their blog and it will blow up on the social networks in less than a day.

Viral marketing is like the child's game of telephone on steroids. Of course, the message never changes like it does in the game. Imagine getting your message out to thousands or even millions of people in a matter of minutes. With the right social channels and the right amount of followers, this can happen for any business, blog, website or other online entity.

A Quick Way to Start Your Social Networking Empire
  • Choose 2-3 Sites and Sign Up
  • Add pictures and info to all profiles
  • Follow or like people you know
  • Create blog posts and shared on all social networks
  • Repeat

It's very simple and you just need to put the time in. As you become friends or follow new people, you will get recommendations for more friends and people to follow. Follow them and continue to build your network. People with thousands of Twitter followers didn't get there overnight. They worked at it for a few months and watched it take off.

Once you reach a certain point, you will get followers without doing anything. You will also find that more people read your blog posts and visit your website. This can easily turn into viral marketing if you post great and useful content for those you are trying to connect with.

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