A Proven 5-Step List Building Plan for Beginners

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Building your list may not give you an immediate income, but it's the best way to build your online business. You may need a few months to really get your list building efforts going and get enough subscribers to see a significant income. However, the time you put in will pay off quite a bit after a year or two of building your list. Yes, it takes times to build your business, but trading a few years of hard work for a lifetime income is a pretty good trade.

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If you want to start building your list today, you can. It's very easy to get started and I am about to give you my five-step list building plan. Even a beginner can use this formula to start building a list immediately. It's very easy to put it together and as you start building your list, you can improve the system. Here's my plan.

Step #1 - Buy Hosting, Domain Name and an Auto Responder

You will need a hosting account, domain name and auto responder. Expect to invest about $100 for these three things, depending on the companies you choose. Personally, I use HostGator and Get Response. I buy my domain names from GoDaddy and usually get .com domains for under $10 a year with coupons from doing a Google search. You can get HostGator hosting on a monthly plan and only pay a few bucks up front. Get Response is also very cheap. These are just the companies I chose and any good hosting company, domain registrar and auto responder will do the trick.

Step #2 - Create a Squeeze Page

Now, you need to create a squeeze page. I like to use Wordpress and there are a few good plugins you can get free of charge for creating a squeeze page. It's also possible to find many different templates to help you create a squeeze page. Just use Google to search for the right plugin and use the instructions given. This will teach you how to do it on your own and you can duplicate it with every list you build.

Step #3 - Create or Buy a Free Guide

You can either create your own free guide or buy a PLR product and use it as your own. This is important because you will promote products in your free guide. If you create your own, it needs to be around 1,500 to 2,000 words long. It should be like a long article. You want to include an offer in the beginning and a recommended resources page with a few related products, with your affiliate links, of course.

Note: Make sure to cloak your affiliate links when you create the guide. You can do this with a free Wordpress plugin or a number of other programs out there.

Step #4 - Find or Create 3-5 More Free Guides

You need another 3 to 5 free guides to give to your list. You can, again either buy PLR or create these on your own. Another option is to find rebrandable eBooks on the subject matter and give those to your list. Rebrandable ebooks allow you to put your affiliate links in them very easily and you can use someone else's guide to make money from your list. If you do this, you can go back later and replace these guides with your own.

Note: Set up your auto responder to send the first guide immediately and also introduce the next 3-5 you will be sending as "unadvertised bonuses". Then, send one guide per day and always tell your list to check out the main product or offer you are promoting.

Step #5 - Create a Flow of Traffic to your Squeeze Page

I like to use content marketing, such as article syndication, article marketing and guest blogging to create traffic. You can also use forum marketing, PPC advertising, social media and a number of other ways to create traffic. Just pick a strategy, learn everything you can about it and create traffic.

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