Set Yourself Up for Online Success in 2013

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Finding online success this year is a goal of many and there's a great way to get started. If you want to make money in 2013 and you want to do it without investing more than $100, you need to use this easy plan.

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The Easy Way to Make Money Online

Step #1 - Buy Hosting and a Domain Name

Without hosting and a domain name, you will certainly struggle to make money online. This is very important and will make a difference as you move forward. All of the best online money making systems that take you from nothing to a monthly income start with a domain name and hosting. Some will even recommend a company you can promote for commissions after you get your own hosting and domain name.

Step #2 - Join an Auto Responder and Build a Squeeze Page

You MUST build a list if you want to succeed online and an auto responder is something you need for this method. You can get one for very cheap or you can use a system I will show you a little later on that will give you hosting, a domain name and an auto responder all from one company.

You also need to build a squeeze page to capture leads. This is how you build your list and the squeeze page should be very simple and to the point.

Step #3 - Start Generating Traffic

Many free methods can be used to generate traffic. Building your list can be done through article marketing, guest blogging, traffic exchange programs, forum marketing and a number of other free methods. Traffic is vital to your success and anyway you can go about getting it, even if you surf for traffic with traffic exchanges, will benefit you.

Step #4 - Feed your New Leads into a System

Setting up a system to help you make money is vital to your overall success. You need an auto responder series, a number of products and programs to promote and free things you can give to your list. Some systems are already set up with all this for you and all you need to do is feed leads into it. This is the fastest way to go, but if you want to take your time, you can create your own system.

Step #5 - Generate More Traffic

Once you start seeing some subscribers and some profits, reinvest in paid traffic methods. You can use pay per click advertising, buy credits on traffic exchanges, advertise on forums or a number of other choices. The key is to make every dollar count. With the right money making system, you can pool your money much like a co-op and get more bang for your buck.

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