My Favorite Traffic Strategy and Why it Works

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Many internet marketers will disagree with me because this strategy can consume a lot of time and has some downfalls for certain types of programs, but I absolutely love free traffic exchange programs.

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What are Traffic Exchange Programs?

The quick definition, you view other websites, earn credits and use those credits to get others to view your websites. Adding to this definition, you can also purchase credits and these work best with a landing page that grabs attention fast. Most traffic exchanges won't allow sites with more than on popup ad of any type and they don't allow pornographic sites.

Why do I love Traffic Exchanges?

Traffic exchanges are the easiest way to create free traffic and get leads into your system. I use them to build lists and for no other reason. Squeeze pages are built to grab attention and cause the visitor to take action. When they take action, they join your list and enter your money making system. If you have the right type of system set up, you can literally turn one lead into thousands of dollars.

How I Use Traffic Exchange Programs

I use between 5 and 10 different traffic exchange programs and I started by actually surfing for traffic. This is a bit time consuming, but it's also mindless. You can do it on your laptop, while watching TV or listening to the radio. If you surf for an hour a day, five days a week, you will get a ton of free traffic. I usually surf five different sites at one time, but you can do as little or as many as you want.

After I surfed for a few months and made some money from my system, I re-invested most of my profits into my business. I started purchasing credits and upgrading my accounts, so I could earn more credits and get more traffic. This is when things started to explode for me. I started seeing double digit numbers of leads every day and started to really earn money online.

The Key to Success with Traffic Exchanges

You need two things, if you want to use this free traffic method to make money online. You need a money making system and you need consistent time to surf. Of course, you can just buy credits if you don't want to surf, but if you want to start without any money invested, you will need time to surf. Even if it's just 15 minutes a day, you can build your list and make money online with it.

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