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Building a list is one of the best ways to create an online income. The more targeted your list is, generally, the better it will convert into sales. Creating a highly targeted list means, you need to create steams of highly targeted traffic. Below I am going to introduce you to a quick example of how you can use guest blogging to gain all the targeted traffic you need to build a highly responsive list.

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Using the Weight Loss Niche...

The weight loss niche is very broad, but is one of the most lucrative niches you can enter. Yes, it's highly competitive, but all the best niches for making money online are going to be highly competitive. With guest blogging, you can take the competition out of the equation because you won't care where your site ranks on Google or any other search engine.

Narrowing this niche down will help us focus on getting targeted traffic fitting specifically to your offer. The first way we can narrow the niche is by choosing to target either men or women. Losing weight is different for a man compared to a woman and you can use this to target one or the other. For this example, let's narrow our niche to weight loss for women.

Now, we can go a number of different ways with this niche. We can target young women under 35 or older women entering into menopause. We can even target pregnant women or new moms. All of these are good ways to narrow your niche down and build a highly targeted list of subscribers. Of course, you want to do this before you start writing free guides, promoting products and using guest blogging for traffic.

For this example, let's look at weight loss for new moms. This is a good place to start because you can attract many new moms, with time on their hands. You can also move this list into a second list later on, once some of your subscribers get out of the new baby phase. This type of list also works great for cross promotion of baby items and anything else a new mom might need.

Using Guest Blogging....

The key to building your list in any niche is to first narrow the group you want to concentrate on, and then using guest blogging to find those people. In our example, we are looking for pregnant women and those women that just had babies. We want the women in this group looking to lose weight, which will be a high percentage. By using guest blogging, we can put our message and website in front of this group.

All you have to do is find blogs that cater to new parents, new moms and pregnant women. Then, write a few guest posts you think the blog can benefit from and contact the blog owner. They will usually allow you one or two links to your blog or website in a resource box or author bio box at the end of the post. This allows you to gain targeted traffic specifically from the group you are targeting.

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