How to Effectively Use Free Traffic Exchanges to Create a Sustainable Online Income

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Free traffic exchange sites have been around for over a decade and they are a great way to send traffic to your website. All you need to do is surf for traffic credits, and then assign them to the website you want to send traffic to. Some of the sites also give you text link and banner advertising credits, which you can use to advertise your websites, as well. Here are a few tips to use traffic exchanges to create a sustainable monthly income online.

1. Don't Promote Affiliate Links

Promoting affiliate links will waste your traffic credits. Most sales pages are not set up to convert this type of traffic into sales. The headline might catch the attention of someone surfing, but these pages don't hold their attention long enough. You always want to promote a squeeze or splash page when using traffic exchanges.

This helps you do two things: one, build a list of subscribers, and two, it allows surfers to take quick action. It's a bit like an impulse purchase in the line at the supermarket. Surfers won't stop to read paragraphs of content or watch a 10-minute video, but if you catch their attention and ask for an email in exchange for something they can read or use later, they will often subscribe to your list.

2. Use 5-6 Different Sites

Some of the so-called experts will tell you that you should use every one of the traffic exchanges out there. They will even give you a free training program with a list of 25 - 50 exchanges to join. This is not only overwhelming, but also impossible to manage. You only need to use a handful of sites, to start. Once you get the hang of using 5-6 exchanges, you can expand your list, if you think it will give you added traffic benefits.

3. Upgrade your Membership

Traffic exchanges offer monthly upgrades from a free member to a pro member, which will give you many benefits. Often, you will get a certain amount of credits every month with your membership, but you also gain benefits, such as more traffic when you surf, larger bonuses, larger referral credits and the ability to advertise more sites. Some will give you a full credit for every site you view instead of a 3:1 ratio.

4. Invest Back in your Business

As you start to make money from using the traffic exchanges, you need to invest back in your business. This can be done by upgrading your account and through purchasing traffic credits. If you do this enough, you can get to the point where you no longer need to surf for traffic. Instead, you can just use your advertising budget to purchase credits from each exchange every month.

5. Feed your Leads into an Income System

You cannot just capture leads and send them to a "thank you" page with a one-time-offer. You need to feed them into a system allowing for multiple streams of income. Using membership sites that pay monthly, such as hosting companies, can help you create a system that will pay you more than just once for each customer you refer.

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