The Beginner's Advantage to Using Traffic Exchanges

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Beginners often search for ways to make money and get traffic without spending any money, which isn't all that difficult. There are a number of strategies you can use to create a flood of free traffic to your website or blog. One of these strategies includes using traffic exchanges to surf for traffic. Many will say this isn't a good strategy to use, but they are wrong. I built my list with traffic exchanges and you can too.

A Five-Step Process to Traffic Exchange Success

1. Choose 5 Exchanges

You don't need to sign up with a few dozen exchanges when you first start. Just choose five main ones to use. Personally, I like TrafficSwarm, TrafficG, EasyHits4U and a few others. These are the main ones and they've been around for quite some time. Using just five will make it easier to manage and you can concentrate on getting large amounts of traffic from each of your five each day.

2. Dedicate Time Daily

Even 15 minutes surfing on your five traffic exchanges can help you create some traffic. The key to any type of traffic is consistency and this is very true of traffic exchanges. Surfers may need to see your website a few times before they decide to take action. Consistently surfing for traffic will help you get your site in front of them repeatedly.

3. Promote ONLY Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are a very good way to build a list and you want to promote only squeeze pages on traffic exchanges. This type of traffic will convert mainly on impulse and you don't get much time to actually grab their attention. If you want to build your list, use a simple squeeze page with a powerful headline and no more than a few sentences of text.

4. Go from Free to Paid

As you start to build your list and you start to see profits, you can gain more traffic by upgrading to a pro member account and buying traffic credits. Buying credits and most upgrades are very cheap and they provide you with many benefits. If you really want to make money with traffic exchanges, you need to reinvest any profits you make back into pro memberships and traffic credits.

5. Refer Others

Another great way to increase your traffic without doing much on your own is through referrals. For each referral, you will gain traffic when they surf. If you get enough referrals surfing for you, traffic will never be an issue again.

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