The Secret to Making Money Online

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The secret to making money online is in the system you use. Making money online is easy, but creating a sustainable source of income only requiring a small amount of work every day, well that's not as easy. You need a system that uses more than just one income stream. It's easy to promote some affiliate product and make a few bucks, but what happens when that product stops selling as well as it first did.

You need a system and not just any system. You need to set up a way to capture subscribers, lead them through your system and turn them into customers willing to spend money every month on services they need. The key is helping them find success with your system, which pays you residual commissions for the rest of your life. It's even better if you are paid a percentage of what they make, as well.

Five Keys to Your Money Making System

1. Multiple Income Streams

With multiple streams of income, you gain a certain amount of protection and you are able to create an income that will last. Multiple could mean just two or three, but it's recommended that you create a system with a dozen or more streams of income. This can include things like hosting, auto responders, advertising services and even some guides that only pay you one time. The key is to give a variety of choices to your leads that all fit within your niche.

2. Build a List

Without a list, you will never be able to sustain a real online income. The money really is in the list and your list is worth gold. It doesn't matter which niche you are working in, you need to start building a list from the beginning. Considering a really good conversion rate for a sales page is 5%, out of every 100 visitors, you lose 95 without any way of contacting them. By building a list, you can get some of those 95 to take action and give yourself the opportunity to sell to them more than just once.

3. Help Your Subscribers

Making money online becomes easier when you concentrate on helping people with their problems. When someone gives you their email address and is willing to let you send them information, it's because they want your help. By providing the help they need, you can turn them into trusted subscribers that will jump at the opportunity to purchase anything you recommend.

4. Residual Income Programs

Getting paid more than once for a purchase will help you make more money every month. Promoting residual income programs that members pay for on a monthly basis, will allow you to collect a commission every month from your effort. Imagine if you had a dozen of these programs paying you every month from each person that signed up.

5. Give Away Good Free Information

If you want to build trust from your list, you also need to give away free information they can use. This helps to show them the value in allowing you to send them emails. The fastest way to get someone to trust you is to give them exactly what they've been looking for without charging them a dime.

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