Affiliate Marketing Tips - Going From Part-Time to Full-Time Affiliate Superstar

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So far affiliate marketing has been an option for earning some side income but now it is going through a transition period that will enable people to make it a full-time career option. As a result, more and more affiliates have started to look for those who are offering a high 'earnings per click' (EPC). The EPC or earnings per click are being taken into account because it is basically a measurement of the average revenue that will be received from each of the clicks on your site to the merchant offer.

So how can you increase EPC?

There are mainly two specific elements that contribute to the increase of earnings per click for a specific offer and these are a high lead conversion rate or a high paying commission per lead.

So your affiliate marketing strategy should basically include brand promotional campaigns as well as online competitions because they will be able to drive leads effectively. In fact, one of the best products that can really boost sales is credit cards. A credit card campaign will normally offer a rate of commission that varies anywhere from $20 to $185 per lead but it has a conversion rate that is less than 5%. There are exceptions too and you will find some of the online competitions as well as brand promotional campaigns hitting the 40% - 50% mark from clicks and the commission rate for the same would be around $2 per lead.

The bottom line is that you need to focus on EPC while creating your affiliate marketing strategy.

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