No Hype My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Review From A Non Member

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Are you sick of reading useless MLSP reviews?

Ok, here goes on which actually tells you whether its worth it or not to join MLSP.

MLSP is short form of My Lead System Pro (previously known as MLM Lead System Pro).

It was founded by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Scholmer a few years ago.

So let’s start out with the basics.

What Is MLSP and what does it provide for its members?

MLSP (my lead system pro) is nothing but an online training cum marketing system that you can use to build and grow your mlm business.

Now that’s was its intended for but we will talk about that aspect later.

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First, let’s talk about what you get inside the MLSP membership which costs $50 per month.

MLSP does 2 things – one is provide training to network marketers on how to use the internet to generate leads, sales and recruits.

Two is to GIVE network marketers a COMPLETE system that they can use to market their business.

Basically the system comes with

1. Pre made capture pages (pages that collect the contact info of your visitors so that you can follow up with them through automatic emails)

2. Series of pre written emails that gets sent out to your prospects on a daily basis. The aim of these emails is to basically sell a MLSP membership which is built in a manner that you will not only get recruits but also multiple streams of income

So all you need to do is DRIVE THE TRAFFIC to your capture pages.

Of course, everything is customizable.

Meaning, you can change the text in your capture pages, you can completely rewrite your emails, etc.

Very few do that but that’s besides the point.

So the idea behind MLSP is that:

Let MLSP take care of your marketing aspects while you focus on building your network marketing team.

So here’s how it works

1. You become a member of MLSP and go through the training to learn how to market your business online.

2. You use the MLSP system to generate leads for your business.

3. Now the system does the job of converting your leads into customers and distributors by selling them the MLSP membership and your company opportunity.

4. As long as your team mates are a member of MLSP, they will be trained on how to market online. Plus they will also have a ready made system to use. You just need to focus on recruiting and duplication of your team by masterminding with your leaders.

Does the idea sound good?

It sounds freaking FABULOUS.

But does it work?

Is It Really Really Really Worth It To Join The MLSP Marketing System?

Honestly speaking, with all its advantages, I won’t recommend MLSP.

Yes, you heard that right.

I won’t recommend it.

In fact, I don’t recommend using any kind of third party systems.

So in my opinion, its NOT worth it to join MLSP.

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Why Am I Asking You To Stay Away From MLSP

Let’s go over the entire thing step by step.

1. Training

I had been a member of the MLSP system when it was very new.

I know how it works.

Inside the MLSP membership, you get access to literally hundreds of training videos.

There is a basic set of videos and then there is a webinar archive where there are hundreds of webinar videos.

At first, you may think, its awesome.

I am going to say, no, its not.

Some of the videos are good (I won’t deny it).

However most of the videos have content but there is too much promotion of affiliate products.

I understand that certain tools are useful for your business however the amount of stuff recommended inside the MLSP membership is just too much and most of them are quite unnecessary.

Moreover I found a lot of webinars to have wafer thin content even though they are 2 hours long.

As I told you, some are good, most are bad.

The problem is that newbies won’t realize it.

They would think all those videos are PURE VALUE.

Poor them.

If you are a basic who salivates over having 200+ videos to watch, then MLSP is for you.

However I prefer quality over quantity.

2. Marketing Mindset

Marketing mindset is all about understanding the game before you play it.

Its all about knowing how to fit all the pieces together so that you can create a kick ass marketing machine for your business.

Frankly speaking, judging by the blog content of most of the MLSP members, I can say that they DON’T have a clue.

Yes, some are good (truth be told, these people would have been successful promoting anything).

But the general state is pretty dismal.

3. Systems are NOT a stable business model.

Systems come and go.

They have their glory days and they fall back.

Among systems, MLSP is THE best.

By far.

That I agree.

But its still not worth it to join it.

Imagine having 10,000 people marketing in the SAME WAY to the SAME AUDIENCE.

The model just can’t sustain.

That’s exactly what’s happening with MLSP members.

They just think they are being unique in the marketplace.

Fact is, they are not. They are just clueless marketers.

Of course, you can customize MLSP emails, capture pages and stuff but even if you do that, its not enough.

Many people just click the back button once they realize you are promoting MLSP.

That’s a fact.

Moreover, if you REALLY understand the power of creating your own marketing system, you will not touch third party systems ever.

The Common MLSP Argument – But I Need The System For Duplication Purposes

Hey, listen up.

Even I made that mistake.

We, network marketers think that having a readymade system will help us in duplication.

Anything that is simple duplicates.

That’s just BS.

If that was the case, many network marketers would have been BILLIONAIRES by now.

The key is in learning how to market your business (online or offline) and those who are successful do that and teach that to their team mates.

In fact, let me put it this way.

By using third party systems, you may think you are training your reps easily and giving them a ready made system to use but the reality is that you are making it tougher for them to make money and build a solid business.


Because your team-mates

1. Will NOT have the right marketing mindset
2. Will NOT have the skills to write their own emails that sell
3. Will NOT understand how the market place is evolving
4. Will NOT understand how the sales process really works

I am not saying you should not have a system.

Just don’t have one which is used by 10,000’s of other marketers out there.

Have a team system but train your reps to become independent of systems.

There are many REAL ways to create duplication.

You can learn all about that by signing up below and watching my training video.

As far as MLSP is concerned, there is one more issue.

It has a vibrant community (that’s good but probably the reason why its surviving well).

There are so many leaders doing regular MLSP webinars.

Different people are promoting different programs.

By exposing ALL your downlines to MLSP, you are not building your business the smart way. You will soon have all sorts of issues about people jumping companies, moving on and stuff.

See, I am not talking from a negative mindset.

But let’s be honest.

Which is better:

Learning how to market and helping your downlines learn the same (you can even create your own training system, its not hard)


Using a over-used system on a marketplace that has been exposed to it like crazy and then asking ALL your downlines to become fully dependent on it?

I know what my answer is.

By the way, I have nothing against MLSP or its founders.

They have nice idea but I really don’t think depending on it is a good long term plan.

That’s all I have to say about My Lead System Pro in this MLSP review post.

If you want to know how some marketers generate leads, create multiple streams of income, recruit and achieve duplication without being dependent on third party systems, then sign up below and watch my training video.

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    I have used MLSP for almost a year, and after reading this article of yours, things have become clear to me. Nice insights, and thanks for exposing the big lie about MLSP.
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