3 Kindle Millionaires: Their Success Stories Revealed!

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There have always been many different ways to get rich but until recently self publishing your novel was not among them. However these days there are new breed of super successful authors: The Kindle Millionaires.

J.A. Konrath

Along with being a best selling author he is also one of the fiercest proponents for the self publishing business model. While other authors may be careful not to upset "New York" in case they endanger their future book deal, Konrath has no problem telling the world what he thinks of the traditional world of publishing in his highly entertaining blog. Konraths story is a true rags to riches tale, filled with countless failures and rejection. Alls well that end well however, as of early 2012 Konrath was already able to claim he was making $150,000 every six weeks. Not bad for doing something that you love.

John Locke

John Locke was one of the first mega sellers on the Kindle platform. He catalogued the secrets of success in How I Sold 1 Million Books in 5 Months which is well worth reading for any self published author. One of the most interesting things about Locke is that he was no starving artist. Already a highly successful businessman his Kindle million was simply icing on the cake. Lately Locke is under a dark cloud after it was revealed he purchased reviews for his books. The media establishment was suitably shocked at the idea that anybody would manufacture reviews, as this was of course completely unheard of in the world of publishing up until this point (Except for of course those reviews written on the back of the book, but they don't count)

Amanda Hocking

Red bull it seems really does give you wings. While working as a caregiver for the severely disabled, earning only $18,000 a year, and desperate to become published before turning 26 she committed herself to success. Fuelled by the afore mentioned energy drink Hocking stayed up from 8pm to the early hours of the morning writing her vampire novels. She realized that she could produce a new novel every 2 - 3 weeks. This was not the end of her tale however; all of her books were rejected by traditional publishers. It wasn't until she started published on Amazon that she found success. The rest is as they say is history. Within six months she had sold 150,000 copies and by this point the number is in the millions.

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