The Big Benefits Of Building Your Internet Business With Stone Evans's Plug In Profit Site

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Here is a quick story to let you know what I have done online with my internet business.

2002-2006: Failed a whole lot online. Lost more then $10,000 and never made any money.

Late 2006: Met a mentor who taught me how to earn real money online with affiliate programs. Around 6 months later, I was earning an OK full time income online. Note that I made all of my money with regular affiliate programs that paid me a ONE time commission.

2010: Was not going anywhere after selling one time commission affiliate programs for a few short years. Income started to go down the hill.

Late 2011: Figured out that I need to use residual type programs to continue to build my income online. Also knew that if I want long term success and have my income go up and up each year, I needed to work with programs that paid me not only residual income but from the efforts of other people. The only way to do this is with network marketing opportunities.

There was no way I was going to build a network marketing business offline where I had to contact people, go to meetings, and show the plan to others in their house. Since I have a lot of experience online as an internet marketer, I knew that I would do this online.

Fast forward to today, I am building my income online with network marketing through the Plug In Profit Site system.

There is a system out there called the Plug In Profit (PIPS) Site by Stone Evans.

What this system is about:

When you go to the PIPS sales page, you get to join 5 of the top residual income programs that are online. Once you join all 5 and become a PAID member, you then let Stone know this and his team builds you a money making website for free within 24 hours.

When you provide your affiliate ID's through the programs you joined, your website will be set up with them on it. When you start to learn how to effectively market online with his 30 days to success guide, when someone comes to your site and signs up with any of the 5 opportunities, you will start to earn residual income on that program. You also get a 400 days pre-written auto-responder messages that are already set up for you too and the code is already on your site so you don't have to set these stuff up.

The best thing about the PIPS marketing system is that you don't even have to promote your website if you don't want to. You can pretty much promote your PIPS affiliate link to targeted and interested prospects and get them signed up with you in all 5 opportunities.

To get people to sign up with you, I would recommend that you promote your own PIPS affiliate link because it does a very good job in selling and closing prospect. Plus, it helps them use the same marketing system so that they too can build a successful internet business.

Click Here To Build Your Internet Business With Stone Evans's Plug In Profit Site .
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