FORA... The Secret Ingredient to Dominate SEO

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We all want to try and second guess the search engines and even try to outsmart them! How many times have you read about secret ways to beat the search engines at their game? Some of these may work... But only for a short time and then your site crashes in the search engine rankings.

In recent times google have had their penguin and panda updates... The truth is, google are updating their algorithms all the time to try to improve the way sites are ranked... As a site owner, you really don't want to be changing your site every few days to try and be on top of google.

Here is a simply strategy that will help you rank high for the long-term that future proof!


Fresh, Original, Authoritive and Relevant.

If you regularly update your site with FORA, then you will rank high! This is most easily achieved through a blog linked to your site or simply by regularly posting relevant articles onto your site.

This is the most powerful way to rank high on the search engines

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