Where to find cheap article writers?

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Are you looking for cheap writers for your articles?

Do you do SEO? Do you want writers who would write articles for your blogs and server for backlinks? Do you want the cheapest options?

Before we begin, I would like to present you something that might pick your interest, a case study of a $200 a day website (no SEO):
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Find cheap writers here:

Warrior Forum -> Warriors for hire. That's right, right here in this forum you can find a section called Warriors for hire. The rates are $1 - $2 per 100 words for the cheapest writers and $10 per 100 words for expert writers. What I like about it is that most writers here are marketers themselves and understand why you want those articles and how to write to entice visitors to make a sale.

Iwriter - You can get articles quickly and you only have to pay couple of dollars to get your work done. Here's the kicker though... You have 2 days from the moment an article has been written for you to accept or reject it. If you haven't made a decision it will automatically be approved. You only have to pay for it, if the article is accepted. When it is rejected, other writers will try their hand at writing for you. There are a lot of bad writers on Iwriter, but you'll also find people who actually get the job done. Many will try to send you articles generated by spinner software that makes little to no sense and hope you won't pay attention to it and accept it. I find it that if you give clear instructions on article structure, it's likely you'll find something acceptable in 3-5 days.

Odesk - You can find hundreds of people willing to work for you. I used to hire with $2 per hour and mention that the writer needed to write 2 articles per hour of 300-400 words, which I'm sure it's the lowest I ever paid for content created. Now, I wanted content rewritten mostly which makes the job possible... but it worked out pretty great for me. Make sure to only hire someone who writes fast and mostly e
error free. You'll find plenty of candidates there.

These are my top 3 sources of cheap writers. Use them wisely. Now, before we depart, I would like to tell you about a special free offer I'm running at the moment.

If you want a tested system and escape the SEO mindset, take a look at...

The Final Missing Piece

Anything you do, or will decide to do is successful or not depending on whether you manage to get traffic to your website. It’s a challenge, but not one that you would have to face alone. I would have given an arm and a leg when I first started out for some real, actionable content from someone who’s been there, done that, so I decided I’m going to be that kind of person that lends YOU a helping hand. We all need to start somewhere.

For a limited time, I have a free report for WarriorForum members. A real case study of $200 a day website. This is not something talked about in the open forums. Do you want to learn the secret of fast results and massive traffic? Click here to get started right away. Don’t wait too long though. I reserve the right to take down the offer at any time, so if you're clicking the link and find an empty page, I'm sorry but you may be too late…

Gabriel “Your IM Coach” Cojocaru
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