Consistency Will Lead to Success Online

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Consistently doing anything, whether it's using PPC marketing or article marketing, will lead you to success online. You can make money online, just by leveraging the consistency of your chosen strategy. This is a hard lesson to learn, but once a person loses the mindset of becoming rich in just a few months, they can actually start building the foundation for an online business. Here's how I learned this lesson.

The Hard Lesson Learned

It all started about ten years ago and a little bit of success was found through article marketing. Back then, you could simply write articles and submit them to a handful of directories to gain traffic. It was pretty easy, but still required me to sit and write five or ten articles a day, sometimes more. This was tedious work, but done consistently, it built up a small monthly income I could count on.

I turned away from using article marketing and spend most of my earnings on many different programs promising riches. In my mind, each of these programs was the right one for me. I didn't realize, the problem wasn't the plan I was using, but the fact that I never followed through for more than a few months. I use traffic exchanges, article marketing, PPC marketing, classified ads and a number of other strategies with only a little success.

Becoming a jumper makes it difficult to ever find success online, but I finally did, when I stopped jumping. By jumping, I mean going from one program or marketing method to another, over and over again. That was me and I probably spent over $1,000 learning my lesson. Finally, I settled on a strategy, paired it with offers that made sense and got to work.

How I did it

First, I figured, since I couldn't afford to spend much money on my business and I already spend a number of hours writing each day as my main job, I would use traffic exchanges to build my business. This method requires very little thinking and I just surfed every day for an hour or two in order to get traffic.

Second, I paired offers I knew other surfers would be interested in. I promoted more than one offer and my only goal was to feed new leads into the systems I was using. Some of these systems were set up by others, but none of them cost me very much money to get started. I invested around $50 total and all of the systems helped me build a list. I still promote all of them today and I've added a few, but I started with four.

Finally, I got to work. This is the hard part because traffic exchanges don't provide high quality traffic with a really high conversion rate. It's about getting as much traffic as possible and building up a network of others earning credits for you. This is done through referrals and that's how the systems I was using were set up. It took well over a year of surfing every day to really build my network, but with consistent work I was able to get there.

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