Why Marketing With Traffic Exchanges Works

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Many believe traffic exchanges don't work for marketing, but they do. Of course, if you try to sell veal in a music shop, you won't have much success. The same goes for traffic exchanges. You cannot expect to gain huge conversions from any type of product when you use traffic exchanges, but they are so cheap, the conversion rate doesn't really matter. Promote the right product and you can build a list with free and very cheap traffic.

What's the Right Product?

The right products to promote on traffic exchanges are numerous. It's necessary to choose within a few different niches, however. The traffic niche is, of course, is one of the best choices out there. You can build a list by promoting a free traffic guide, which promotes a product very easily. Other hot niches for exchanges are internet marketing, home business opportunities, make money, weight loss and hosting.

Promoting a product won't do you much good, however. Unless you promote it the right way. Most surfers are not ready to spend more than a few dollars up front. They will join your list if you offer something free of charge with value. This gives you the ability to promote more than one product to them. The absolute best way to make money with traffic exchanges is to promote a system allowing members to join free. The system should work as such:

Free to sign up and rewarded with a free guide to traffic exchanges
Free guide details how to make money with traffic exchanges
Guide gives users the ability to sign up through your referral link at a number of traffic exchanges
Promote hosting, an auto responder and products that help build traffic
Promote upgrading to pro at specific exchanges and explain the benefits
Give a full plan on how to surf the different exchanges

How do you get this type of System without doing it yourself?

You don't have to put together a system all on your own. Of course, you can, but it will take time and a lot of work. Others have already put this type of system together and you can use it as your own. Most will allow you to join free of charge, but there are certain benefits for upgrading to pro. They usually give you a number of different ways to get traffic and earn commissions.

Will you Make Money Immediately?

Probably not. Most of the time, when using traffic exchanges, you need to work on getting subscribers and build up a network. As others join your network, you will start to gain free traffic whenever they surf. With enough people, you will start getting plenty of traffic. This will keep you from needing to surf or buy much traffic. If you are a pro member of the exchanges and people in your network upgrade, you will earn commissions. You can cash them out or you can use these commissions to buy more traffic.

Work this type of system for a few months and you will see plenty of return. If you work at it, you will find that you get new people into your system regularly and they will start to provide the traffic you need. It takes time, but once you get the system working, you can sit back and collect commissions and traffic on autopilot.

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