An Easy Beginners Strategy to Profits

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Beginners are always looking for an easy way to make money online, but before we get into a strategy for beginners, we must define what "easy" really means. Some beginners think "easy" means someone else does all the work for you, but how can you possibly expect someone to just hand you a successful business, unless they are related to you. You can't and you have to understand, an "easy" strategy is simply not hard to implement. By no means, does "easy" mean less work or no work.

In fact, most internet marketing strategies require work and quite a bit of it. I remember when I first started with article marketing. It took a few years to really get things going the way I needed. Even when I started freelancing as a writer, it took about 6 months to really build my business to a good level. Even though "easy" may not refer to overnight wealth done for you, if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work for a few months to a year, you can create an income that will pay you every single month for many years to come.

The Strategy

One of the easiest ways to get traffic is by using traffic exchanges. You can either spend time surfing or spend money on traffic credits and these sites will display your website for others surfing the exchange. This traffic works well when paired with an offer in the internet marketing niche, especially if you plan to give something away for free when someone joins your list.

If you promote a squeeze or splash page on a traffic exchange, and you do it right, you can build a network that will feed you new leads every day. Each lead can be worth more than just a few dollars, if you set up your system correctly. The best way to go about this is to feed people into a system allowing them to sign up for products that pay you every month, such as membership sites, autoresponders and hosting.

When you promote something they need and will pay for every month, it just becomes a numbers game. Imagine if you built your list to 1,000 members and even a small percentage of them signed up for hosting and an autoresponder through your link. You could easily create an income of a few hundred or thousand dollars, which comes in every month without any more work on your part.

The Strategy on Steroids

Of course, there's a good way and a not so good way to go about building your network and putting it on autopilot. Since beginners are typically afraid to spend much of their own money, they need to create a stream of income they can use to fund their business. This can be done by surfing the exchanges, at first. As you recruit others into your system and they sign up at the same traffic exchanges you are using, you earn more traffic from them, along with commissions if they upgrade or buy traffic credits.

As you start to earn money from this type of a strategy, you can re-invest it into pro memberships and more traffic at the different exchanges. This can easily snowball into a huge network feeding your splash or squeeze page regular traffic and new subscribers. It takes time to get it going, but once you do, you can sit back and let the traffic create a monthly income you can be proud of.

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