4 Major Benefits of Pro Membership at Traffic Exchanges

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What is the one thing most traffic exchange surfers miss? They forget to upgrade because they expect everything to work without spending any money. Upgrading to a pro level account with your traffic exchanges is one of the most important parts of achieving success online with these free sites. You need to take the "free" out of it and invest in your future. Here's why:

1. More Traffic

Most exchanges offer a better ratio to upgraded members. For example, as a free member, when you surf, you may only get a 1:2 or a 1:3 ratio, but as an upgraded member, you get a 1:1 ratio, in most cases. Some exchanges will actually give you more traffic than you surf, if you upgrade. You also get a certain amount of traffic credits, banner impressions and text link impressions with your membership. It all adds up to a ton more traffic.

2. Random Referrals

As a pro member of most exchanges, you get random referrals you do absolutely nothing to get. These referrals can help you gain more traffic whenever they surf and if they upgrade, you earn cash. This is a huge benefit because with just a couple of upgraded random referrals, your membership is paid for every month. THIS is how you really take advantage of traffic exchanges and gain a TON of free traffic.

3. Larger Commissions

You can still earn commissions when others upgrade if you are a free member, but you don't get very much. Usually it's around 10%, but as an upgraded member, most exchanges pay as much as 50% commissions. These commissions may also extend to One-Time-Offers and other offers made by the traffic exchange owner. As a free member, you may not earn commissions on all the things promoted within the exchange.

4. More Levels of Earnings

If you really want to see your traffic explode, become a pro member, recruit other members that also become pro members and let it continue. With most exchanges, you earn credits two levels deep as a free member, but as a pro member, it can go as deep as five levels. This means, you get FREE traffic for members your referrals and their referrals recruit. It takes time to get to this point, but when you do, it's very powerful.

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