How to Make Money with Free Traffic

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There are many ways to make money with free traffic, but the best way (in my opinion because it works for me) is with traffic exchanges. These are free sites you can use to earn traffic credits and use them to send traffic to your own website. Of course, if you don't promote something that makes sense with the audience you will put your site in front of, you will struggle to make money with this strategy.

Promoting any making money online program or traffic program is best, but hosting and autoresponders are also great things to promote to traffic exchange users. However, you cannot just pick up an affiliate link and send a ton of traffic to it expecting to make money. You have to build a list with this method and promote to your list. The best way to do this is through a system already set up and proven to work with this type of traffic.

What to Expect

If you are looking to make money online without spending a dime, you won't get far. You need to spend money to make money with most methods online. Even if this means you invest profits you've earned or a little bit, at first, to build up profits. Expect to invest every dime you make back into your business for a minimum of 6 months. This will give you resources to build an actual business instead of just something that makes money for a short amount of time or none at all.

With any traffic exchange program, you need to invest in upgraded memberships, hosting, an autoresponder and a few other tools. Some of the systems out there will walk you through every step of what you should invest in and why. This can help you see the benefits as a free member of the system and how it can help if you upgrade.

The actual exchanges are the same way. They give you many benefits including more traffic and larger commissions when you upgrade to a pro level account. The good news is they are cheap to upgrade ranging from $4 a month to $30, depending on the exchange. Some will even run special offers and let you upgrade free or for a couple dollars for the first month. Take advantage of these whenever possible.

Making the Most of Your Traffic

The biggest mistake made with this type of traffic is promoting a sales page. You get between 5 and 40 seconds to grab the attention of the person surfing and a sales page won't do it. They need to be able to take action quickly or click away to your site in a hurry. Splash pages and short squeeze pages work best because they catch attention and direct the surfer to take action immediately.

Giving something away free of charge to build a list is the best way to use these sites. You can make a lot of money by building a list with a free offer and promoting to it later on. Many have used this strategy to build up a very nice income, some making 6-figures or more every year. You can too, if you do it the right way.

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