Why Are Traffic Exchanges So Successful?

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Many will tell you traffic exchanges are a waste of time and they don't provide good traffic. Well, they simply don't understand how they work or they never spent enough time working with this tool to figure out how to use it successful. Of course, if you offer the wrong type of thing to a surfer, it will be like offering a goat to a family looking for a pet dog; it just won't be very attractive.

Traffic exchanges are so successful because of the business model and how they offer traffic. You don't just get people that click on your link and go to your site, although this is part of most exchanges with text links. Instead, a surfer has to spend a pre-determined amount of time at your site, usually ranging from 5 to 40 seconds. If they don't want to see your site for very long, they have to pay to upgrade to a pro membership, but they still have to look at your site for at least a few seconds.

This isn't much different than article marketing, forum marketing, pay per click marketing or any other type of internet marketing out there. You only get a few seconds to capture the attention of the visitor with any type of marketing. The good part about traffic exchanges and another part of their success is that your site will show to the same surfer more than once, if they surf enough other sites.

It's proven that most people won't respond to any type of advertising or remember a brand until they see the ad at least 7 times. If your site shows to a surfer multiple times, they may not join your list today, but a few days from now, they may. Most surfers are looking to make money and get traffic. If you offer a free guide helping solve this problem, they will join your list sooner or later.

Over 10,000 Members

Did you know that some of the smallest, yet successful traffic exchanges still have over 10,000 members? Some report thousands surfing every day and others report hundreds of thousands of members. The top exchanges provide over 100,000 website hits every week and some do that in a day. This is a lot of traffic for a business model some claim isn't successful. It cannot be just a bunch of new marketers trying it out, can it?

With the right group of exchanges and the right offers, anybody can find success with this free traffic. Of course, just like any other marketing method, you will want to invest profits or even startup capital into the model. Upgraded memberships, tools and traffic credits can all be purchases for rather cheap prices cutting down the amount of time you must surf for credits and wait to see the success you desire.

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