Making Money Online Without Much Start Up Capital

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Many people are searching for ways they can start making money online without spending any of their own money. Before we get into how you can create an online income without spending large amounts of cash, you must first understand that it will take some money to make money online. Those seeking a free way to make money should simply go get a job or a second job because it's incredibly difficult to make any cash online when you don't plan to invest any money.

Investing $25 - $50 in Your New Business

If you want to find success online, you need to start by investing in your business from the beginning. This means, you need to fork over $5 - $15 for a domain name of your own and $3 to $10 a month for a hosting account. This is the ABSOLUTE bare minimum you just invest if you plan to make any cash online. Without a domain and hosting, you may make a little money, but you lose control, which you will need moving forward.

Once you have your hosting and a domain name, you don't need to invest much more with the plan I am about to show you, at least not at first. Of course, when you start making money through this type of plan, you need to reinvest your profits. This is where most people make the mistake and they use the first $100 they make for something they want instead of reinvesting it and letting it grow into thousands of dollars.

For the first six months to a year, reinvest every dollar you make and you will be happy you did. My plan includes using free traffic and paid traffic, but you can start with free traffic. I use traffic exchanges, safelists and a few other forms of traffic to make money, but I started out with just free traffic exchanges. Here's the simplified form of what I did to create a full time online income.

First, I joined somewhere between 30 and 50 traffic exchanges. It started out as 24 or two dozen, but as I found others, I joined them, as well. I didn't surf all of them, however. Instead, I looked at the exchanges with "jackpots" and other contests running and I tried to do what was necessary to win bonus credits and cash. I ALWAYS convert my cash to credits, so for me it was all traffic credits.

Second, I surfed 6 to 12 exchanges a day for at least a half hour per exchange. This was my goal and I tracked how many credits I earned each day. My goal was 50,000 traffic credits a month, which is very doable and will give you plenty of traffic to start making some money. If I had extra time, I was on my laptop surfing, while watching a TV show or a movie.

Third, I invested profits back into my business by upgrading my membership at a couple of traffic exchanges and I bought credits when they were on sale. I always wait for a good one-time-offer or some type of sale to buy my traffic credits. This just saves you money and gives you the ability to get a ton of traffic for just a couple bucks. Sometimes you can even upgrade your membership for super cheap the first month with the right OTO.

Finally, I kept working my system and adding to it. Now, I not only use traffic exchanges, but also safelists and a couple of other forms of advertising. Although, traffic exchanges are still one of the main forms of advertising I use and they still give me great results. Once you start making money, you will want to find other ways to get traffic, as well.

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