4 Powerful Traffic Tips Anybody Can Use TODAY

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Traffic is the key to any online business and you need to know how to get traffic without spending much cash. Beginners are always looking for free ways to get traffic, but understand, the money you make from free traffic should ALWAYS be invested back into your business in the form of paid traffic or something else you need to grow. This is vital to your ongoing success. Here are four of my favorite ways to get traffic.

1. Article Marketing

I am doing it right now with this article and even though it's not free, it's really cheap. Article marketing is still a powerful strategy and it can be done without spending a dime. I happen to choose this forum for some of my articles, which isn't free, because it puts me in front of the right targeted audience for what I am promoting.

2. Social Media

Social media is super powerful and you can use it with pretty much all other forms of traffic generation. You can share articles, blog posts, your website or anything else you want across many social channels and with the right combination of a network of people sharing things for you and automated tools, you can make this a very powerful marketing strategy.

3. Email Marketing

Whether it's using safelists, solo ads or building your own list, getting your message in the inbox of the right people is a great way to get targeted traffic and one of my favorites. I highly recommend you start building a list immediately and consider forms of email marketing for your business.

4. Traffic Exchanges

I started with traffic exchanges and still use them today. It's a great free way to get traffic just for surfing and looking at other websites. Once you get the hang of it, you can buy traffic credits and watch your conversion rates soar.

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