How I Made $45k In 48hrs With A Product Launch

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If you are launching a product anytime soon and feeling a little anxious about the outcome, you gotta read these tips to help you with your preparations as well as to ensure a successful product launch.

1. Building Relationships

To successfully launch a product in your niche market, you need audience and network to welcome and support your launching. Otherwise, it would be futile to introduce any new product. To gain the right audience, you need to build relationships with other marketers and online business owners within your niche. This means that your preparation should take a few months prior to launching as you need to establish yourself in several forums and allow enough time to interact with people. You could also look for partnerships on Google or Clickbank marketplace.

2. Creating Superb Products

By superb, your products should exceed the quality of previous and current products in the market. With your launching, you are basically telling people that your products are better than others and that you are offering more than the value of their money.

3. Producing A Sales Page That Is High Converting

Create a sales page and assess its converting rate by running pay-per-click campaigns and or a few marketing campaign articles.

4. Using A Joint Venture Broker

Some niche markets allow the use of a joint venture broker to find the right joint venture partners at a reasonable cost. Mike Merz and Reed Floren are just two of the most reputable joint venture brokers in the niche of Internet marketing.

5. Creating A Powerful Backend Marketing Funnel

If you are wondering why you need a backend funnel, you must know that this is what allows your affiliates and joint venture partners to profit on various levels by promoting just one affiliate link. This is how your funnel will look like:
Front End Product => Up-sell => Additional Offers On Download/Thank You Page

When somebody buys product from an affiliate, the latter can earn additional commissions.

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