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Administrative assistants are important for any organisation, they are one of the largest occupations and they play an important role in smooth running of the office efficiently. If you are looking forward to the administrative jobs then you must possess good managerial skills, be well-versed with the office procedures, and possess productivity skills, you must be a great researcher, an able thinker and an effective problem solver, a guide and a follower at the same time. You must be a sharp listener, an able communicator and an effective writer; you must be a flexible person and must possess the ability to finish work within the set deadlines and work well under pressure.

As an administrative assistant it will be expected from you to perform both clerical and organizational tasks, your day will be involved in managing the day-to-day operations of the office as well as work towards achievements of the organisational long term goals and ensure its efficient performance.

If you want to be an administrative assistant, then you can find employment in corporate offices, schools, government agencies, and many industries you will be responsible to oversee the daily duties of the administrative officers, managers and staff and ensure efficient and smooth running of the organization.

As an administrative assistant you will be responsible for interviewing, training employees, planning, assigning, and directing, co-ordinating, resolving problems and appraising performance.

Each day you will be held responsible for organizing and maintaining files and records, planning and scheduling meetings and appointments and conduct research and suggest ways of improvements and suggest effective solutions for problems when they arise and maintain records and databases and prepare reports, and presentations on behalf of the office manager.

You basically will be expected to support the manager or administrative officer and need to make meeting arrangements and attend them and make a note of the important points, and make travel arrangements.

You need to coordinate and plans and make decisions on administrative matters, you need to analyse financial and statistical data and participate in organisational administrative tasks and assist in plans and budget preparation.

To perform the assigned tasks and duties effective you need to be a qualified and skilled person and possess an Associate's degree in business, accounting or related field. You must be experienced and possess a few years of experience in the field. Well experienced assistants have great scope of development and can be promoted to higher positions like administrative officers, administrative managers and senior administrative assistant.

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