The SFI Marketing Group Business Opportunity By Gery Carson- How To Grow Your Own Team Faster

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Over the course of 12 or so years now, Gery Carson and his Strong Future International (SFI for short) Marketing Group has showed hundreds of thousands of people from over 200 countries around the world how to earn a nice income on the internet.

Some are earning a full time income with SFI and have been for years, and many others have earned an OK income. I have been with them for 10 years now and my income is so-so to be honest. That is because I have made most of my internet income from running co-ops for my team and not from personally sponsoring people.

I can't sit here and lie to your face and tell you that I am currently earning thousands per month with SFI because I am not. I no longer run co-ops for my team and working towards personally sponsoring people under me for more residual profits.

I have tested many ways to recruit SFI affiliates into my team and through my own co-ops for years now. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten 100's and 100's of affiliates into SFI over the years for people inside my team and people outside it. Out of all the ways, there is one strategy that works BEST on how to recruit affiliates who will actually take action and become leaders themselves.

One of the best ways to recruit more and more SFI affiliates into SFI and see them take action is to use a system that really does work and works really well. That system is called the Plug In Profit Site (PIPS) by Stone Evans. What I love most about the Plug In Profit Site is that it not only gets serious people into your SFI business and team but it also gets them into 4 other MLM affiliate programs.

You sign up to all 5 programs and then you just have to advertise your own PIPS affiliate link and Stone does a very good job in getting more and more people under you in SFI and the 4 other opportunities. By the way, all other 4 are very powerful programs to work with and earn a great residual income online.

The people who join your SFI team through the PIPS affiliate link are far more serious and far more dedicated to their success then any other SFI lead generation technique that I have ever tried to use in the past few years.

If you want to see what the PIPS program is all about and join it, then click here now. (You will need to opt in first)
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